07/08/2014 05:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ali Landry: Life After Doritos


Ali Landry: Photo Credit - Melissa Andries

Celebrity Ali Landry made her big splash into the homes of millions with her spot in the 1998 Doritos commercial that aired during the Super Bowl.

Millions of viewers tuned in to see Landry saunter through a library setting off sprinklers to put out the hotness she exudes while passing through. Little did many know this same brunette was Miss Louisiana and Miss USA just a few years before.

It's amazing how one little commercial can make you an overnight sensation. Her phone started ringing and the opportunities have never stopped coming. She landed roles on shows such as Felicity, Eve, Sunset Beach and Popular, just to name a few.

Doritos brought her back for a few more commercials, but she wasn't about to limit herself to always being in front of the camera. After the birth of her first child, she was determined to shift gears in business and get behind the camera producing television series such as Hollywood Girls Nights and more recently Mi Casa, Su Casa.


Ali Landry and Children Photo Credit - M. Design

Landry noted she's inspired the most when pregnant. Her first child inspired a line of children's clothing named Belle Parish. She found working in the "mom space" quite invigorating. Since then, she has had three more children and a few more ideas!

Her last pregnancy sparked a new interest; technology. Her mission? Create a smart phone app. This was certainly a different take from her other business ventures yet has proved to have the most personal appeal.

Always in need of things for her kids, she relied heavily on friends and family to make suggestions of baby items new to the market they liked. In talking with other friends and eventual business partner she learned she wasn't the only one struggling to find the things she needed. Hence the app concept was born.

The app, Favored By, allows new moms to post their favorite products for others to consider. Such a simple concept with such a broad appeal. Instead of offering reviews by industry leaders, why not ask those who are actually using the items.

What's next in store for Landry? Only time will tell. With her 41st birthday just days away (July 21st) and more opportunities knocking on her door, she still has time for more babies to inspire more businesses and hopefully another Doritos commercial!

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