05/14/2010 06:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Reyne Gauge: Consumer Trends for 2010

I love reading reports on the economy (this is a tongue in cheek statement by the way). One says we're on the road to recovery, another claims we're too quick when thinking it's over. They constantly contradict themselves and I never seem to know if I should pull my wallet out, or put it away for another couple of months. Who am I kidding? It's not like I could put the wallet away for long!

When speaking to dealers I find most claim business is good. I find that to be a true sign of the state of the economy. We sell luxury goods; things people don't necessarily need, yet want. When buyers start spending freely at the auctions, shows and shops, I feel stronger about the end being near.
The other day I watched a report on that I believe lends to my theory. They listed the Top 20 Consumer Trends for 2010. It amazed me how many of these trends involved collecting. I'm not going to list them all, just the ones that I saw relevant:

1. Peacocking came in at the #18 slot. I had never heard the word before so of course I went to - low and behold it was a word but really had nothing to do with their description. Alas, I like the concept. According to them, "Peacocking" is the use of bright colors that make a statement against the dark & dreary recession. The use of color in art, clothing and accessories. Art is a given and I'm all about promoting the sales of art of all styles. Clothing and accessories - I'm foreseeing strong sales of vintage couture, costume jewelry, Bakelite bracelets and oh, what about a great bright red Hermes bag?!!

Photo Credit: Matt Burkholz - Route 66 Antiques

2. Rental Culture came in at #17 - Apparently renting clothing and fine art during the recession has fueled this movement. I think in the first "Sex and the City" movie we saw the discussion of renting designer handbags. Check out Bag, Borrow or Steal ( You can also rent/rent to own designer jewelry by going to Bling Yourself ( or you can choose to buy gently used (second hand) at Portero (

3. Nostalgia Marketing was #12 on the list. "Trends in photo shoots for commercials & other advertising seeking refuge from your past - nostalgic" - Promotion of vintage toys, T-shirts with iconic images of things we remember from our childhood.


4. Greenpliances was #6 - Antiques have always been green. Vintage kitchen gadgets, canisters, mixers, refrigerator boxes etc., are making a comeback without the help of Martha Stewart this time!

Photo Credit: - Fire King Mixing Bowl

5. Finally, the #1 consumer trend for 2010 "Next Besting" (another interesting term) which means showcasing vintage couture and furnishings instead of newer expensive items. I think they have it backwards though - I'd say vintage couture is the best, and then if you can't afford the vintage, you can buy a next best thing which is a newer expensive (yet worthless) reproduction.

At the end of the day, all I know is that I'm glad to see the vintage world so highly sought after by consumers!

Happy Hunting!