10/05/2012 07:37 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fearless Living Boot Camp Challenge, Day 26 (VIDEO)

Over 20 years ago, I gave up something that ran my life. Some people might call it an "addiction"; others call it a "nasty habit." Someone might say they "gotta have it." Whatever you want to call it, I'm talking about something that you believe you need in order to be okay.

Watch this two-minute Fearless Living Boot Camp video and see if there is something that is holding you back.

We all have something. You could be like my sister Cindy, who absolutely -- no kidding! -- needs candy with her at all times. To make it healthier, she adds pumpkin seeds. Okay, pumpkin seeds are great and they do help bring it one step closer to healthy, but that candy calls to her every day.

Or maybe you're like my sister Linda, who must -- and I mean must -- start her day with a big cup of joe. She has so many "to go" mugs her cupboard looks like a mini-shelf at Starbucks. She loves her coffee.

Me? Well, I gave up alcohol 23 years ago. That was a very big deal. I thought about it for five years before I actually had the courage to do it. I would take all those magazine quizzes entitled, "Are you addicted?" and scoff when I'd fail. I was convinced that anyone would fail. It was rigged, I told myself. I just knew it.

We can all agree that a bag of candy, nonstop coffee and downing alcohol can't be too healthy. We all get that. But we do it nonetheless. Those tricky fear-inducing addictions can be so seductive and come upon us so quietly, you might not even notice that you are grabbing your 'treat' more often than not.

Today's the day. I want you to give up the thing you think you need. It's time to start noticing what you gravitate to. Your thing could be something besides food or drink. I want you to pay attention today.

And then give it up all day today.

So Linda, no coffee. Cindy, no candy. Me? It's sugar for me. So no sugar all day, Rhonda.

What's your "thing"? Go over to and share what you are going to give up. Plus, come back at the end of the day and tell me what that was like. Be honest.

Just like I had to be honest with myself 23 years ago.

After you've watched today's video, go on over to and give yourself some Fearless Living points. Is giving up your 'habit' a Stretch, Risk or Die for you? Add up those fearless points, because soon you could WIN!

You could win my bestselling book, Fearless Living, or you could win THREE private one-on-one sessions with me, or my kick-butt Fearless Living Training Program. And of course, you'll receive the best gift of all: BECOMING FEARLESS!

Haven't enlisted in Fearless Living Boot Camp yet? It's not too late! Really! There are still a few days left, and you would be AMAZED at how much more fearless you can get in just a few days. To join the Boot Camp and log your fearless activity, use the Social Workout-powered widget just below. If you're a Facebook member, simply click the "Connect" button. To sign up with your email, cheer on your fellow enlistees, and see all the inspiring commentary, go to the Boot Camp homepage.

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Let's all become fearless together!

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