10/08/2012 11:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fearless Living Boot Camp, Day 29 (VIDEO)

Self-confidence is built by doing. Self-esteem is built by doing it again and again. You have done it again and again and again.

For 28 days, the Fearless Living Boot Camp Challenge has asked you to take a Stretch every single day, Risks at least once a week and one big ol' Die. And you've done it. Maybe not perfectly.

Maybe you couldn't give yourself the gift of the Challenge when your day just got too full or an emergency happened. Regardless, you did it. The best way you could. And that is something to be proud of. Excited by. Build the rest of your life on.

YOUR result: more self-confidence and more self-esteem for you and your life! In the past month, 600 Boot Campers (including myself) had the courage to earn a whopping 19,267 fearless points. That's a lot of individual acts of fearlessness! Wahoooooooooo! Yay, us!

We cleaned out piles of stuff that had been weighing us down. We went without makeup in public. We went whole days without lying or complaining. We shared our dreams. Said "no" to fear -- and sometimes to people who were asking too much of us. We said thank you, too. And we laughed and sang. Fearless acts, every one.

Watch today's video to hear your last assignment (for now) and to hear the word of the day!

After you've watched the video, go on over to the Boot Camp homepage over on Social Workout, and tell me your three acknowledgments. Because I have great news: Even though the Boot Camp is technically over, we can all still connect and share our Stretches, Risks and Dies over there! Yep, the Boot Camp homepage will remain up and active; we'll all be able to post "catch up" posts indefinitely. Hooray!

Now... let's not forget the WINNERS!

It was so hard to choose the winners. I ended up just drawing names, since every single one of you shared your hearts and made enormous movement in your lives! I can't say congratulations enough! So with that in mind...

Here are the Fearless Living Boot Camp Challenge daily and weekly WINNERS:

Day 1: Colette D.
Day 2: Caitlin J.
Day 3: Julie N.
Day 4: Noriko
Day 5: Melinda E.
Day 6: Renata
Day 7: Kathryn L.
Day 8: Patty B. -- Fearless Living Training Program
Day 9: Bonnie C.
Day 10 Charlena B.
Day 11 Carrie B.
Day 12 Richard C.
Day 13 Joanne W.
Day 14 Seraphine T.
Day 15 Jennie A.
Day 16 Jacquie C. -- Fearless Living Training Program
Day 17: Shannon E.
Day 18: Liz K.
Day 19: Tracy S.
Day 20: Dedra R.
Day 21: jan65 h
Day 22: Jim V.
Day 23: Kelly O.
Day 24: Lisa C. -- Fearless Living Training Program
Day 25: Linda K.
Day 26: Debra M.
Day 27: Carol G. -- Fearless Living Training Program
Day 28: Cintra B.



Winners, to collect your prize, send an email to Colette will get you all hooked up.

I can't wait for us to continue our fearless work together.

Remember: You are fearless!

Sending you love and more fearless love.

Until next time,


P.S. Be sure to go on over and get three additional Fearless Living Boot Camp videos at You'll learn more about Stretch, Risk and Die, plus something that I call the Wheel of Fear.