05/31/2012 07:14 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

WATCH: Find Yourself... and Quit Being Lost

Have you ever yearned to express your purpose, find direction or do something meaningful, yet instead you find yourself stalled, stuck or stopped?

This is what I call the ultimate waiting game -- i.e., being alive in body but not living fully until the magical thing that you've been "waiting for, praying for" happens. Because, you figure, when the magical thing happens, then that will give you full permission to get going and live your life. And I do mean: YOUR LIFE.

Think about the last time you waited for something to happen. And I mean waited. Anxiously. Nervously. Maybe even a sleepless night or two or seven. Waiting and patience are two very different things, and I don't want you to wait. (If you want more on that, let me know. I'd be glad to blog about waiting vs. patience.)

Watch this three-minute video to get some answers on how to find yourself and take back your life.

Leave a comment below and tell me ONE thing you got out of watching this three-minute video. I want to hear from you. Let's get fearless!

Sending fearless love,

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