02/02/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

50 Things To Do For Your Career In 2009 (Part 2 of 2)

In today's environment, it is not a surprise that many professionals feel stuck in a rut. But even in a recession, there is no shortage of things you can proactively do to help move your career forward, and improve your life through work. Here's a starter kit (continued):

26) Think BIG. Setting audacious goals gets you noticed and attracts others to the cause.
27) Create a personal board of directors. Select influential and interesting people, and be accountable to them.
28) Invent something. Go through the entire process.
29) Build bridges with adversaries. Bono once told me this was his most effective strategy to relieve third world debt.
30) Ditch your stuff. We don't own our stuff, it owns us, and dilutes our attention.
31) Read Never Eat Alone. Relationships are power.
32) Get professionally photographed. Typically under $500, and allows you to stand out in numerous places
33) Identify your passions at work. When has work been thrilling? Why?
34) Put your passions to work. Find ways to embrace the challenges that most engage you.
35) Go to a conference. Something not typical. Expand your mind and your network.
36) Make friends with a networker. You can be a good one if you are close to a great one.
37) Sign up for 5 blogs. Random bits of inspiration can lead to big ideas.
38) Invest in your education. Slow economies are a great time to earn additional credentials or degrees
39) Identify (and practice) proven patterns of success within your company.
40) Volunteer. Gain exposure to areas that interest you, and my open new and unexpected doors.
41) Upgrade your Facebook presence. Now that you are on, differentiate yourself.
42) Read 4 Hour Work Week. Don't live it, but embrace the possibilities.
43) Read The 5 Patterns of Extraordinary Careers. Ok, its my book, but it should be on the list.
44) Barter. Find a way in which you can mutually benefit a colleague.
45) Stop micro-managing your career. Allow for drift and focus more on adding value to yourself and others.
46) Find the "micro-investment" in your company. Where is your employer maintaining or increasing investment in the downturn?
47) Don't quit! Shifting employers in a recession is unattractive on the risk/reward scale.
48) Reach out to a new mentor. Aim outside of your comfort zone.
49) Speak publicly.
50) Open yourself up to the possibility that your career may soon dramatically turn in a new, positive direction.

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