03/27/2013 06:26 pm ET Updated May 27, 2013

Technology and Me

My uncle Hyman and aunt Amy went to Europe and back many times. Always by ship. They never experienced flight in the air.

My older brother, Herbert, tried to use a computer but never mastered it. I don't believe he ever sent an email.

I have flown to the corners of the earth and I love my computer. I enjoy sending and receiving emails. Such an efficient way of communication. And I am awed at the spread of Google, where you can get the lyrics to "Joe Hill" or seasonal trends in the stock market.

But I do not own a cellphone.

Years ago, trying to correct a deficiency in being able to cope with normal demands, such as changing the time on the automobile clock or opening a cereal box, I took courses at The KnowHow Workshop. There I learned how to wire lamps, fix toilets, simple carpentry and basic automobile care.

Except I didn't.

I (and the instructor) did make a shiny lacquered small hinged box, which I proudly placed on a table in our living room. A visiting friend saw it and said, "oh, Tommy made two of those in the third grade."

I am a user of technology at the lowest level. We have voice-mail but can't access messages from afar. We have GPS in our car but neither my wife Iris nor I know how to use it. This is compounded by my hopeless sense of direction. If I say, turn right, Iris will turn left and nearly always will be on course.

And I have no cellphone. I don't know anyone else who doesn't have a cellphone. Family and friends have reproached me. What if say at the airport, I have become separated from Iris. She, of course, does have a cellphone but she can't call me and I can't call her. OMG!

This kind of thing might happen four times a year. For this I need a cellphone? The world can reach me by house phone or email. This is a ton better than the days of Paul Revere.

I have a grandson who is in charge of live streaming at Viacom. This shows that my genes, while questionable, are not poisonous.

I am strong in areas of reason, judgement, concepts and imagination. No more KnowHow Workshops. I have concentrated on my strengths and let my weaknesses be.

I love to read. And I will never use a kindle.