01/10/2013 08:57 am ET Updated Mar 12, 2013

13 Greatest Adventures For 2013 (And A Free Trip To One Of Them)

Though the odds have been bucked (there are bold travelers; and old travelers; but no old bold travelers), I've been reconnoitering the backs of beyond since the exordium of modern adventure travel, and have written about quite a few. I would imagine I could swing my Bic with the best of them. Nonetheless, I am daunted by AdventureLink, which boasts the world's largest database of adventure travel trips and outfitters.

So, I combed through this dangerous catalogue, and picked out what I think will be the best adventures for 2013 -- and I have personally tested them all, and reported about each on Huffington Post!

But here's the lagniappe. You can win a free trip, for two, with air, with me to any of the four great South American wonders by entering this sweepstakes from LAN Airlines before January 18.

Buena suerte! And I hope to see you in South America!

13 Great Adventures