06/14/2005 10:10 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Okay, I'll Take the Bait


At the risk of bringing myself even further to your attention, I'm going to respond to your latest.

1) How come you never allow comments on your posts?

2) I'll happily suck up to Arianna whenever the occasion/need arises. But in fact, she and I just happen to agree on the subject of SUVs.

3) Underneath its weirdness, your post makes some legitimate points about HuffPo. Does everything on this site have to be quite so serious? And long! It's as if everyone's afraid of seeming less high-minded than the other contributors. Relax, people. This should be like a cocktail party, but not one that Henry Kissinger would want to go to. Doesn't mean you can't talk about serious stuff, but lightening up once in a while won't kill you. Also, it's okay to read other people's posts—and respond to them. A blog is not a collection of monologues—it's about conversation.

3a) Can we please, please get rid of the comment moderator? It's ridiculous to have readers commenting and then, by the time their comments are read and posted, it's ten hours later and the original post has long since vanished.... Talk about a buzzkill.

4) Greg, you really need to talk to someone (other than Scott) about your sexual issues. It's a little creepy, eh? Good luck!