07/14/2014 06:53 pm ET Updated Sep 12, 2014

Why Bob Barr Matters

On Tuesday, July 22nd Georgia holds a run-off election to the May primary. National attention is focused on the Senate race between Cong. Jack Kingston and David Perdue. The winner will face Michelle Nunn, daughter of ex-Senator Sam Nunn this November. The far more interesting and potentially more important contest is between former Cong. Bob Barr and ex-State Senator Barry Loudermilk in Atlanta's 11th Congressional District. The Democrats have no candidate. Tuesday's winner will be in Congress.

Loudermilk is a "media" conservative -- a "just say no" vote. He takes no political risks and has no plan, other than opposing Speaker Boehner. Bob Barr is at the cusp of a politically intriguing development in America today -- the rebirth of what built this nation. It can't be pigeon-holed as "liberal" or "conservative" or "Tea Party," or whatever the political label of the moment might be. It's born of the Declaration of Independence, steeped in freedom, liberty and uniting us as a people and a nation rather than dividing and isolating us in different camps, always bickering and name-calling to attract media attention and political support based on emotion and group identity instead of fact based analysis.


As U.S. Attorney for Northern Georgia, Bob Barr successfully prosecuted Republican Congressman Pat Swindell. Loudermilk inferred that he was a pilot and intelligence officer in the U.S. Air Force. Apparently he was neither. He was, however, involved in a racial discrimination lawsuit and questionable settlement paid by Georgia taxpayers. Integrity matters!

Libertarian or Conservative?

Bob Barr is a libertarian conservative! Ronald Reagan said,"...the very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism..." Less federal government and more ability of states to put freedom and liberty first on issues that challenge tradition and personal belief. Real conservatives like Bob Barr vote to preserve our freedom, independence and strengthen our country no matter the subject.

Freedom, Liberty or Security?

Ben Franklin said it best:

Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.

After 9/11, Bob Barr stood to oppose those parts of the Patriot Act both Republican and Democratic Administrations have abused and extended to restrict our liberties and diminish our freedoms.

Barr Matters:

Bob Barr believes a single U.S. Representative can alter the course of events -- even one who is no prophet, makes mistakes, and is, after all, simply human. He's dedicated his life's work to uphold our Declaration of Independence, the living bond uniting us all. He believes power is based in truth; that country, not political party comes first; and that freedom is above all else. He knows Washington and won't waste the next two years finding his way around. He's a force to be reckoned with and is a rarity in politics -- he cares more about policy than re-election. He brings eight years seniority. In Congress, seniority counts. Every registered voter in Georgia's 11th Congressional District can and must vote next Tuesday... if you want to send a very loud message -- and the person who can magnify that message is Bob Barr.