08/29/2012 07:38 pm ET Updated Oct 29, 2012

The Wide Republican Abortion Plank

What is it with this abortion plank ratified by the Republicans? It will never hold up to the weight of public opinion, common sense and reason in a rational culture. Sweeping aside all moral considerations by asserting the right to life of a fetus created by immoral actions is perverse and borders on the vindictive.

Shall the United States make a young girl carry a baby to term when a drunken father or close relative makes her pregnant? Shall we ruin a girl's life by asserting some mistaken religious high ground against the laws of nature? No, thank you.

Shall we hereafter punish a woman who is raped by a violent attacker and make her carry his baby to term? Ruin her life as well by implying that she tempted her assailant? Bring a child into the world with such emotional and violent baggage to carry for the rest of his or her life? No, thank you.

How can we put into a position of power a man who said last week, "The method of conception does not change the definition of life." On the biological level that statement is perfectly true and appears almost benign. Paul Ryan tried his clever best to evade these questions by his use of the phrase "method of conception" rather than incest or rape, but we know what he meant, and reason help us, we can prevent implementation of this perverse legislation, should it ever come to a vote.

By all means let us minimize abortion, discourage it when it is performed out of family embarrassment or inconvenience. Let us devise better birth control and not forbid or discourage family planning, as the rest of the civilized world provides. We have come a long way toward becoming a humane society and now, by virtue of group of misguided zealots, we are in grave danger of falling back into savagery.

Oh, the zealots will cry savagery in their turn, just watch, but let them look hard at the truly savage acts of incest and rape and try to find a just cause.