09/04/2012 12:17 pm ET Updated Nov 04, 2012

What Allows the GOP to Lie?

We know now from months of primary and now campaign rhetoric that Republican politicians and their surrogates lie about most everything having to do with Obama himself, his record over three-and-a-half years, their own record and, most importantly now, their proposed agenda if elected to office.

The question is, why do they lie with such conviction, dexterity and impunity? Why are their lies so outrageous and obvious to any thinking person? The lies extend to the creation of our national debt, to the supposed horrors of the new health care law, for the reasons why job creation has been so slow, and what Obama would perpetrate if he was re-elected to a second term.

It seems clear to anyone really listening, that the Republican lies all emanate from one simple premise: the harm Obama has done and will do is so dangerous and egregious that any lies they tell morally outweigh that immanent danger. The end justifies means.

If these liars are in fact able to sleep at night, it is this "higher moral necessity" that allows them their rest. They truly believe as a matter of the nation's survival that facts can be changed, records falsified, and even personal lives distorted with impunity.

Of course, watching this so-called moral high ground from which the GOP is preaching and lying, makes this holier-than-thou-the-people nonsense painful to watch. We cringe, cry out, and complain, all the while watching with dismay as the lies increase and the lame-stream media continues to ignore the lies. Yes, Palin was right about that characterization. It is lame.

The media is bound as we know by the corporate power that signs all those paychecks.

But that is no excuse for the response that many of us have now to this toxic political environment. Many of my friends, even family, have withdrawn in sadness, anger, even depression, from becoming energized. My own normally activist daughter said last week, "Part of me wants to just give up, and I can't promise that I won't occasionally post something dear to my heart that is coming up to a vote, but I'm going to try and refrain from spreading the hate. Enough is enough."

The truth is that the GOP has nothing true or valid to offer, nothing that they dare to propose openly to the American people. So they lie and they do so because Rove, the Koch brothers and all the other monied interests have convinced a rabid minority that lying is justified by the coming Armageddon and End Times, both of which are also lies, by the way.