05/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Recession! Most Fun I've Had With My Clothes On

Everyone is freaking out about what the recession is doing to their pocketbooks. Damn. I love these times. This recession is actually fantastic! I will (in the video and right here) tell you why.

Cabs are always available, look at that! Even at dreaded rush hour. Most of us are walking. If you are hold out your hand, its easy to get taxis to fight for you.

Airlines are happy to help you find or replace seats (even in so-called blackout dates and for redeemed tickets) no matter what "status" you have. They are so happy you are -- what? -- spending money, they may even let you have free peanuts.

Restaurants are no longer hot and cannot risk telling you "Oh, wait, i am afraid, maybe 20 minutes at the bar!" everybody's eating ramen at home, so slipping into a nice place no longer requires two months of lead time.

Gas station attendants are in a better mood: they will be happy to wash your windows -- something i have not seen since the '80s.

Getting things fixed. If there's something that is not quite right, people will now spend a lot more time making it better (even on your body) when in high times you have to wait or are rushed through the process.

You can take a vacation.

And finally, a favorite: You can negotiate for anything. Even radio shack clerks can be cajoled into giving you a better price on a four dollar audio cable. They are so happy to see a paying customer they are a bit out of their heads.

Take advantage, kids. Watch, learn, laugh please.