10/02/2006 11:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Maybe I'm Still in an Alcoholic Blackout... Or Maybe Others are in High Places....

I'm not. And as a rule don't trust recovering alcoholics 100% but you can trust me on this. My days of experimenting are over. Look, I'm a lifelong Democrat so all you diehard Republicans can start to get your mocking, talking points together. I couldn't care less. I'm an American and want this country to do better.

I always have. So call me partisan and a liberal and all the rest. I really don't care. The past 6 years have been a nightmare for both Democrats and Republicans; mostly the poor and the middle-class and worst of all, our heroes, those who sacrifice their lives for all of us, regardless of what color our state is, who were killed, their families devastated by the losses, and those home now, crippled for life, who like all of us were deceived into going into the wrong country to battle and then heard all the BS wrapped neatly in a flag making all dissent unpatriotic.

We're close to the election and if the insane blurring of separation of Church and State, spearheaded by President Bush and the far-right, among a litany of despicable crimes and lies we have had to stomach doesn't infuriate the base of the Democrats and the Independents to at least help one party, mine, take control of the House so we don't have a Religious King and his Court to rule over what the Founding Fathers warned us against it will be like living in a blackout.

Remember back in Watergate Days when all the guilty parties said, "I don't recall" or "To the best of my recollection." etc . etc when we all knew it was a load of crap well guess who is doing that now? I think we know. Today when the Speaker of the House said he didn't recall the disgraced Republican Congressman (now in rehab for whatever reason) talk about the content of the E-mails to the sixteen year old-- it was beyond disgraceful. Give me a break. Give the country a break!

This will fall on deaf ears to my Republican pals. They will vote Republican no matter what other than the few who can't take this horses**t anymore. But if every Democrat and Independent doesn't realize how this country is going down and that we need to either kick the delusional party out or proudly take to the streets. Otherwise, maybe I will have a flashback, without the drugs, the late-bloomer that I am, and as much as I love this country with all it's given me and with all its potential, simply move to Canada, decades late, to show my lack of support for the war in Viet Nam.

Richard Lewis