05/18/2015 03:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Playing Below Your Potential?

Something to think about on this Monday morning as we start a new week. How far below our potential are we currently playing? Take for example your agenda from last week and what was accomplished. Did you meet your weekly goals and targets? Whether you did or didn't, what would have happened if you gave 10% more than you did? 10% more sales calls, more creative brainstorming time, more strategic planning time?

Rethink Your Goals

Whether you hit your goals or not, what if you had set your goals 25% higher? Could you have met those? You might have. The point is our minds work such that even when we think we are breaking through our limits to hit a higher mountaintop, we are still limiting ourselves from an even higher mountaintop that we didn't even take the time to consider. In other words, even when you are thinking bigger, you still aren't even thinking as big as you are capable of.

Does that make you think? What are you capable of if you truly remove your limits and pull out all the stops? What if you make it a rule to raise all of your goals 50% higher than what you already think is possible? How would that change your performance, your mindset and your results?

Raise Your Standard

Sometimes it's not a matter of lacking skill, talent or resources to get to the next level. It's just a simple change in mindset by increasing your goal and rethinking what is possible. You always meet your standard in life. Raise your standard and you'll find a way to get there.