08/06/2007 06:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

August 6, 2007 News Update

President Bush goes to Minnesota to view wreckage of collapsed bridge. Wonder if it reminded him of his administration.

Doctors reveal Bush takes Omega-3 supplement every day. And you thought they were smart pills.

Secretary of State Rice writes Op-Ed piece on Lebanon, but nobody will publish it. Now you understand why there's no progress toward peace in the Middle East.

Iraqi Parliament goes on month-long vacation, largest Sunni political bloc leaves government. Benchmarks? More like backbenchmarks.

VP Cheney tells Larry King he doesn't recall asking AG Gonzalez and former White House chief of staff Andrew Card to visit John Ashcroft in hospital. Former Defense Secretary Rumsfeld testifies before Congress he doesn't recall when he learned of death of Cpl. Pat Tillman. Gonzalez doesn't recall anything. Entire Bush administration drinking amnesia-inducing Kool-Aid?

Bush tells Karl Rove not to testify before Congress. But he doesn't recall telling him.

News reports show Cheney leaked information to the NY Times, then went on Meet The Press and used NY Times article to authenticate Administration's position. All the News that's Fit to Swallow?

Rumsfeld also says there's no evidence of cover-up in Tillman's death, despite tons of evidence of cover-up in Tillman's death. So why is White House using "executive privilege" ploy to avoid releasing documents on case?

Chief Justice Roberts suffers seizure while on vacation. We can be pretty sure he wasn't seized with any liberal impulses.

New York Times
headline, July 27: "US Officials Voice Frustration with Saudis' role in Iraq."

New York Times
headline, July 28: US set to offer huge arms deal to Saudi Arabia." It's amazing what several billion dollars will do for frustration.

Campaign news: Democrats did not hold a debate this week. After "You Tube" session, Kucinich pressing for "Survivor" format. Brouhaha over Hillary "cleavage" spawns cornball lines, such as Hillary to the forefront, Political analysis plunges to new low, ad nauseum. Hillary? Cleavage? Whoever noticed that has obviously never seen Playboy or Penthouse--or The New York Post.

Speaking of which, Rupert Murdoch acquires Wall Street Journal, meets with staff and promises no changes -- except for photos of busty blondes on Page One.

Presidential candidate Bill Richardson says he would support giving more anti-terrorist funds to states like Iowa because of "food safety." Nothing to do with the Iowa caucuses, of course. Aren't there any important crops subject to terrorism in New Hampshire?

Commercial for so-called vitamin water: "Hydrate responsibly." That's for all you folks out there who have been hydrating irresponsibly--or even recklessly. So pay attention!

Donald Trump comes out with something else with his name on it -- furniture. What's next -- plumbing supplies? Trump Toilets has a nice ring to it.