06/23/2008 06:16 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

June 23, 2008, News Update

Democratically-controlled House approves spy legislation, largest Iraq War funding bill. More things change, more they remain the same.

Polls show America's standing in world improving. Reason: As Bush's time in office diminishes, favorable view of U.S. increases.

Complaints multiply over $4/gallon gasoline. Wait'll it hits $5/gallon this summer (Already $4.79 at my local rural station).

Congressional Republicans block windfall profits tax on Big Oil. Suppose that has anything to do with campaign contributions?

Winnebago profits drop 73%. Where's the hybrid?

Belgian company bids to take over Budweiser. New slogans. This Bud's pour vous. When you say Budweiser, c'est tous. Vive Le Roi des Bieres If deal goes through, Congress threatens to boycott waffles and chocolates.

McCain camp criticizes Barack Obama for opting out of public financing for presidential campaign. Probably has nothing to do with fact that Obama has raised more than four times as much as McCain for campaign.

Opposition candidate drops out of presidential race in Zimbabwe because Mugabe thugs killing his followers. South Africa snubs effort to condemn Mugabe. Where's Nelson Mandela when we need him?

Hundreds of Gays and Lesbians marry in California. Pat Robertson not yet blaming weddings on MidWest flooding.

IBM & Pentagon develop world's fastest computer. But why do we still have to click on "Start" to shut down our PC's?

Tom Brokaw to host Meet The Press. Chris Matthews, eat your heart out.

Woman sues Victoria's Secret, claims she suffered eye injury while trying on "defective" thong. If that doesn't work, she'll go after McDonald's for being scalded by hot coffee.

Tiger Woods out for year after suffering broken leg. Bye-bye golf ratings.

FedEx and DHL still snickering over Big Brown's Belmont Bust. Post-race analysis suggests Big Brown lost Belmont because he's a non-sweater and couldn't handle hot temperatures. But farm which paid $50 million for breeding rights has no trouble sweating.

Sly Stallone does commercial for Volkswagon. Can you imagine Rambo in a VW?

Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova seeded #1 and #3 at Wimbledon. Glam Slam?