03/05/2007 01:35 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

March 4, 2007 News Update

President Bush goes to New Orleans to tell people "The federal government knows you still exist." Just to make sure that's true, the City of New Orleans files a $77 billion damage claim against the federal government.

Bush Administration changes policy, agrees to sit down at conference table with Iran and Syria. Anybody notice change of policy was announced while Vice President Cheney was out of town?

Suicide bomber strikes American military base Cheney was visiting in Afghanistan. Vice President unhurt. Another reminder that George W. Bush is just a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

Cheney travels in US Air Force plane named Spirit of Strom Thurmond. Maybe that's why he's never visited Africa?

Cheney briefs reporters on plane with attribution to "Senior White House Official." White House then blows cover by releasing transcript of background briefing. Scooter Libby not involved.

In Washington, Cheney tells gathering of conservatives, " it or not, the enemy we face in the war on terror has made Iraq the primary front in that war." And how did they do that, Sir? By invading that country and ousting its President?

Laura Bush on Larry King Live: "Many parts of Iraq are stable now. But, of course, what we see on television is that one bombing a day that discourages everybody."

1. Iraq would probably be thankful if there were only that one bombing a day.
2. Who cares what Laura Bush has to say about Iraq?
3. Larry King hasn't been live for several years now.

Washington Post exposes shameful treatment of wounded Iraq War veterans as outpatients at Walter Reed Hospital. Doesn't do much for Administration's appeal to "support our troops."

Governors meet in DC, told not to ask questions about Iraq. Wounded veterans at Walter Reed Hospital told not to talk to media. Is this the kind of democracy American forces are fighting for in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Sen. McCain acknowledges his support for war in Iraq could end his career. It should. Lieberman's too.

McCain apologizes for using word "wasted" to describe American lives lost in Iraq. Earlier, Sen. Barack Obama apologized for saying the same thing. Modern version of George Washington: "I cannot tell the truth."

Former Defense Dept. official Richard Perle says SecState Condoleezza Rice is "in over her head." How would he know?

George Clooney says he won't run for President because he's had too much sex with too many women. That must have given Bill Clinton a big laugh.

Al Gore's documentary on global warming wins Oscar. Justice Scalia unable to overturn decision.

Evangelist Jerry Falwell says global warming "a myth." The fires of hell, on the other hand.....

Conservative polemicist Ann Coulter is at it again, calling Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards a "faggot." Afraid to take on David Geffen? Or angling for a date with Tim Hardaway?

Entertainment mogul Geffen, who supported Bill Clinton and raised money for him, lambasts him and Hillary during print interview, says they lie easily, berates Clinton for "reckless" behavior during presidency. But never reckless enough to fool around with young men.

Sales of Hip Hop plunge dramatically. Could music be making a comeback?

Anna Nicole Smith finally laid to rest in Bahamas. But not restfully. Too bad cable TV coverage not buried with her.

Rats seen scurrying inside Taco Bell in New York City. Even worse? They were illegals.