05/30/2007 02:26 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Memorial Day 2007 News Update

President Bush commemorates Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery. How many more American dead soldiers will there be in Iraq by next Memorial Day because of his arrogance, his obstinance and his ignorance?

Nancy Pelosi's "New Congress in Town" acted more like the Old Congress by wimping out and approving Iraq War funding bill without timetable for withdrawal of troops.

War funding bill did include increase in minimum wage without affecting those who pay maximum price in Iraq.

Legislation also includes benchmarks for "progress" in Iraq. For example, Iraqi President Talabani has to lose 30 pounds by September.

Iraqi Prime Minister says "surge" is working. Yeah, if you mean surge in American deaths in April and May.

On another battlefield, Rosie O'Donnell withdraws early from The View. Donald Trump gloats that it's "cut and run."

Bush spotted driving without seat belt at ranch. Will be reprimanded by NJ Governor Jon Corzine.

Bush also has "Monica" problem -- Monica Goodling. She tells Congress process for hiring and firing US Attorneys was politicized. AG Alberto Gonzalez says he can't recall anyone named Monica at Justice Department.

New biography of Hillary Clinton by Carl Bernstein, eight years in the making, reveals she and Bill had marital problems. STOP THE PRESSES!

Another Hillary bio written by NY Times reporters Don Van Atta and Jeff Gerth. Gerth is the guy who gave journalism a bad name with his shabby, shoddy alleged reporting on the Whitewater non-scandal. Book reveals Clintons are ambitious. Wow! Wonder if they read the Bernstein book.

Reaction from Hillary Clinton spokesman: "Can you be quoted as yawning?"

Robert Shrum, campaign mis-manager for Kerry campaign, also publishes book entitled No Excuses. Confessions of a Serial Campaigner. Aka third-rate political hack. Required reading for Donna Brazile, another third-rate political hack who mis-managed Al Gore campaign in 2000.

American and Iranian Ambassadors to Iraq meet in Baghdad. As per instructions from President Bush, American Ambassador was not rude.

Vice President Cheney's lesbian daughter, Mary, has baby boy. Guess she won't be campaigning for any GOP candidates in 2008.

Prince Harry won't be deployed to Iraq after all. Discretion, valor and all that, y'know.

Lindsay Lohan arrested on DUI charge. Just emulating her role model, Paris Hilton.

Paris seen toting The Bible. Got it free from the hotel chain.

Miss USA booed at Miss Universe contest in Mexico City. If the Mexicans are so unhappy with the United States, why don't they solve the immigration problem and stop coming here?