06/26/2005 10:46 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

News of the Week in Review

WMD finally discovered in Saddam Hussein's Iraq! Wants More Doritos.

President Bush tells a news conference he thinks about Iraq every day. Could have fooled us.

Gen. John Abizaid disputes Vice President Cheney's assertion that the insurgency in Iraq is in its last throes. General, hope you enjoy your retirement.

Speaking of the military, the chief of intelligence in Iraq is General Custer. How reassuring is that?

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice went to the Middle East to promote democratic reform in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. President Bush went to the Mid-West to promote Social Security reform in the United States. Saddam Hussein thinks he's still President of Iraq.

It seems Hussein is about as well informed about what's going on in Iraq as Bush and Cheney.

Cheney checks into a Vail hospital. A reminder that George W. Bush is only a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

CIA chief Porter Goss told an interviewer he has a pretty good idea of where Osama bin Laden is, then snapped, "Next Question." Gee, I wonder what the next question could possibly be?

In Iran, the hard-liner defeated the moderate in the race for President. The difference? Hard-liners chant "Death to America!" Moderates chant "Death to America--but not now!"

Mark Felt, aka "Deep Throat," gets a million-dollar movie deal. You know what Pat Buchanan, G. Gordon Liddy and Chuck Colson have to say about that? Who cares?