11/27/2006 02:14 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Nov. 27 News Update

When is Civil War not Civil War? When Bush Administration calls it "sectarian violence."

President Bush to meet Iraqi Prime Minister--in Jordan! White House says weather not good in Baghdad this time of year.

Radical Iraqi Shi'ite cleric threatens to pull out of government coalition if PM meets with Bush. Wherever.

Commentator on NewsHour says "This Administration wanted to wage the war in the worst way." They certainly succeeded at that.

Vice President Cheney visits Saudi Arabia. Nothing to do with Iraq. Just looking for a job in 2009.

Thousands of members of Islamic party Felicity protest in Istanbul against Pope Benedict XVI's forthcoming visit to Turkey. Felicity? Pope presumed to be traveling with new speechwriter.

Al-Jazeera starts English-language network. To demonstrate even-handedness, hires Jewish anchor, Dave Marash. Marash doing it in the interests of good journalism. Money has nothing to do with it.

Former Russian spy mysteriously poisoned in London. Don't blame Bulgarians this time.

Japan announces plans to build world's largest tower, to be completed in 2011. At which point Donald Trump will buy it and put his name on it.

Russian cosmonaut hits golf ball into orbit. Only man this year to outdrive Tiger Woods. Media unkind enough to point out he shanked the shot. This is most useful thing to happen in space in years.

Vatican says condoms don't prevent AIDS, urges abstinence. What would you expect from people who believe in virgin birth?

Rupert Murdoch cans OJ Simpson book and TV interview. And you thought the guy would do anything for money.

Rosie O'Donnell claims Kelly Ripa's remark about Clay Aiken's putting his hand over Kelly mouth was homophobic. We get it, Rosie. You're gay. Now give it a rest.