10/02/2006 12:59 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Oct. 2 News Update

"State of Denial," new Bob Woodward book, portrays Bush Administration as Keystone Kops running IraK War. Immediate White House reaction is to state denial.

Book claims Administration has been misleading, not to say "lying, " about war. Duh.

Book graphically portrays sectarian violence. No, not between Sunni and Shi'a...... between Rummy and Condi.

Events recounted in book show that as National Security Adviser, Condoleeza Rice was a helluva piano player.

Book claims former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger advised Bush on Iraq that "Victory is only meaningful exit strategy." Obviously based on his Vietnam experience.

Could it be that another former cabinet member, Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, is advising Donald Rumsfeld on how to emulate him in history as a grossly incompetent, contemptible public official?

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow dismisses book as "cotton candy that melts in the mouth." More like a fur ball that has White House throwing up.

Snow also says, We've seen this book before. No argument there. Anybody who doesn't know by now how badly the Bush Administration has screwed up the conduct of the War in Iraq should be forced to go on a hunting trip with Darth Cheney.

Snow did have one of best lines of week, referring to Bill Clinton interview on Fox, saying "He retorts, you decide." We decide Fox got ratings, Clinton made points.

Bush goes to Connecticut to raise funds, Republic Governor and two of three Republican Congressional candidates do not show up. RNC says Bush's 29% approval rating in Connecticut has nothing to do with it.

New Orleans Saints return to Superdome for football game, Bush gets standing ovation. No, not George, you dummy, Reggie!

National Intelligence Estimate shows "progress" in Iraq. Only problem is, the progress is increasing number of terrorists.

Congress passes bill on treatment of accused terrorist detainees. When is torture not torture? When Congress passes bill on treatment of accused terrorist detainees.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives valedictory speech as Labor Party leader, but doesn't give date for leaving office. Bush tells him he's planning to step down on Jan. 20, 2009. Impeachment not an option since Cheney next in line.

Congress authorizes billions of dollars to build 700-mile fence along US border with Mexico to keep out illegal immigrants. Border is 1400 miles. What's wrong with this picture?

Republican candidate for Attorney General in NY, Jeanine Pirro, being investigated for privately bugging husband to see if he's cheating. She says everything she knows about surveillance without a warrant she learned from the Bush Administration.

Theme song for Pirro versus Andrew Cuomo race for AG: "Your Cheatin' Heart."

Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) accuses challenger Chris Murphy of being soft on national security by opposing warrantless surveillance of American citizens, which happens to be illegal. Now that's chutzpah. Or desperation.

Several Hewlett-Packard executives resign over scandal involving bugging of Board members. But they were only trying to make sure there were no terrorists on the Board.

Rep. Congressman Mark Foley resigns after revelation he sent suggestive e-mails to young male pages in Congress. Foley joins Tom DeLay and Bob Ney in showing how Republicans would restore morality and integrity to government.

GOP leaders in House apparently knew of e-mails, but did nothing. Hey, a Republican seat is a Republican seat.

John Gotti Jr. beats racketeering rap for third time in court. Prosecution contemplating still another trial, obviously hoping Gotti's too broke to buy off another jury.

Latest tropical storm named Isaac. Just in time for High Holy Days.