09/11/2006 11:40 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

September 10 News Update

President Bush acknowledges secret CIA prisons for Al-Qaeda suspects, says several terrorist plots broken up. Could there be an election coming up?

Bushies try to equate opposition to War in Iraq with appeasement of Hitler. Could there be an election coming up?

Senate Democrats propose resolution calling for firing of Defense Secretary Rumsfeld, but thwarted by Republicans. Could there be an election coming up?

Bush proposes military tribunals for Al-Qaeda members despite opposition from own party. If they're good enough for GI's, why not for maggots?

Time/Discovery poll shows 38% believe Saddam Hussein was personally involved in 9/11 attacks. Must be viewers of Fox TV.

Another poll shows 36% believe US government itself involved in 9/11 attacks. Nutty? But then 38% still believe Bush doing OK job.

Intelligence reports confirms absolutely no link between Hussein and Al-Qaeda. Cheney insists there were. Why do TV networks keep putting this guy on?

Cheney also says if they had to do it all over again, they would. How scary is that?

And Cheney asks, "Think where we would be if he (Hussein) were still there." OK, let's think. More than 2,500 American soldiers would be alive. More than 10,000 would not be wounded. Billions of dollars would not have been wasted. There would not be a civil war in Iraq. And a potentially new terrorist haven would not have been created.

ABC mini-series appears to blame 9/11 on Clinton Administraton. Excuse me, but didn't 9/11 happen on Bush's watch? Doesn't anybody recall that vacationing Bush kissed off CIA warning in August that Al-Qaeda was planning to strike within US?

In face of rising unpopularity, British Prime Minister Tony Blair announces he'll resign within year. No such luck with Bush/Cheney.

Iranian leader on private visit to US. Let's hope they made him put his shoes through X-ray machine before letting him in.

Israel announces plans to build new settlements on West Bank. Such a triumph of timing. Israelis and Palestinians deserve each other.

Western countries threaten Iran with sanctions unless it halts nuclear enrichment program. That'll scare 'em. The only sanctions that'll work with Iran are those dropped from B-52's.

Ford Motor Company scion Bill Ford replaces himself as CEO with Boeing executive. His name may be on the building, but his performance was in the toilet.

New Ford CEO giving up his Lexus, says he can't wait to get a Ford. Betcha it won't be a Ford Focus.

Paris Hilton arrested on DUI charges. She explains Mel Gibson was her role model. Besides, nobody made jokes about Gibson blowing into a breathalyzer.

Steve Irwin killed by sting ray. Heaven must be overrun with crocodiles.

Katherine Harris wins Republican Senate primary in Florida. Not even Supreme Court can get her elected.

Katie Couric debuts as first solo anchor on network evening news on CBS. Media critics define that as Catie Botox Show.

Martha Stewart blasts Donald Trump. Trump blasts back. Who cares?