05/07/2013 08:56 am ET Updated Jul 07, 2013

Try Saying That in Boston, Gun Nuts

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Apparently the GOP and the gun nuts funding them have decided that not being the party of stupid, as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal suggested, is not for them. It's not even on the horizon. In fact, they've served up a whole new flavor of lunacy these days. The Boston Marathon bombing that left three dead and 140 injured is the latest fodder for the right wing lunatics to make obscenely idiotic remarks.

The latest in a long line of these comments was NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre, who on Saturday asked, "How many Bostonians wish they had a gun two weeks ago?"

He was, of course referring to the way Bostonians were, as he put it, "frightened citizens... sheltered in place with no means to defend themselves."

I'm not sure that running a marathon with an assault rifle strapped to your back is a good idea. And exactly what does LaPierre think armed runners would be able to do against a bomb?

LaPierre goes on with his ridiculous comments:

Imagine living in a large metropolitan area where lawful firearms ownership is heavily regulated and discouraged. Imagine waking up to a phone call from the police, warning that a terrorist event is occurring outside and ordering you to stay inside your home.

Yeah, imagine that? Then imagine the Boston Police department protecting the people of Boston, like a well-regulated militia, while homemade bombs were thrown at them and over 200 shots were fired.

You can watch his full speech here.

Imagine the bombs exploding during the Marathon and they, along with other first responders, ran towards, not away from the scene.

Brookline police officers brought milk to a family with very young children during the lockdown -- maybe an example of the fascist state LaPierre wants you to believe is inevitable. Boston cops spent hours combing the city of Watertown and managed to take the suspect in without additional loss of life and not one cop lost their life defending public safety.

LaPierre's not the only right-wing loon to insinuate that Bostonians are little more than liberal, hippy, wimps. On April 19, just four days after the bombing, Nate Bell, a state Rep. from Arkansas, thought it was acceptable to insult nearly 381,000 American's from thousands of miles away with this tweet:

I wonder how many Boston liberals spent the night cowering in their homes wishing they had an AR-15 with a hi-capacity magazine?

This incredibly idiotic and insensitive tweet came after gun legislation failed in the Senate. Congress threw out a big "eff you" to 90 percent of the people in this country calling for stricter gun regulation and to the parents, whose kids had been riddled with bullets as they stood in Congress and watched the vote.

Bell's tweet went out while Boston was still in lockdown, before the manhunt had ended. A major American city was under attack and a public official chose to accuse its people of "cowering."

As Mike Dillon commented on Facebook:

There is a HUGE buffer zone between Arkansas and Boston that affords Rep. Bell the convenience to allow those utterances to escape his apparently well-exercised pie hole. I can't help but wonder if he'd make it out of Faneuil Hall w/o being significantly bloodied if he made that statement there. If it was made in Southie, he wouldn't be able to get his hand up to hail a cab let alone run for the T.

Boston is not a city that cowers. The doctors, nurses, EMTs didn't cower as they witnessed and faced war-like injuries and amputations. The cops didn't cower. The first responders didn't cower as they ignored instinct and ran towards the blast. The residents of Boston didn't cower. They took required safety precautions and stayed out of the way of the Police who were doing their job.

Bostonians opened their homes to runners who were stranded, donations have come in from all over the world to help with medical bills and the alleged criminals have been caught.

The gun nuts, however, would have preferred a marauding band of gun-toting Bostonians roaming the streets looking for something to shoot.

What these ignorant blowhards and the whack jobs who follow them seem to forget is that if it weren't for all those wimps in Boston there may never have been a United States of America, a Constitution, or a second amendment. There sure as hell wouldn't be a Tea Party.