07/26/2013 05:03 pm ET Updated Sep 25, 2013

All Braun and No Brains

If the revelation of Ryan Braun's use of PED's came as a shock to you -- then congratulations -- you are as foolish as Aaron Rodgers... but hopefully smarter for not staking a year's salary on his (Braun's) innocence.

Braun's arrogance, hubris and complete disregard for the collateral damage he knowingly caused are alone enough to lump him in with the likes of Lance Armstrong. However, unlike Armstrong, Braun lacked the brains to disguise his treachery in an altruistic cause like "Livestrong."

Instead he was willing to go even bigger by staking his life on the fact "this substance" never entered his body at any point. Wow!!! Who knew Ryan Braun was such a multi-talented guy? Not only did he deliver a performance worthy of an Oscar, he managed to steal the MVP award, while masterfully being able to defy his own "called upon death."

Eventually, Braun may decide to explain himself, (and when he does I hope Aaron Rodgers has the mute button on) but for now he will hold off in doing so for as long as he can -- believing in himself above all else.

Every moment he does will further devalue the brand of baseball and elevate the belief that true greatness can only come from a needle or a pill - and sadly, no mea culpa from him or anyone else suspected of being dirty will do anything to change our minds.

The damage is done and the fact that Braun is just the tip of the Biogenesis iceberg will only help to tarnish the sport further by keeping alive the stench of PED's in baseball - as one by one these players are handed their "punishments" and we in the media spend time talking about them.

Ultimately, we all pay for the transgressions of those like Braun, A-Rod, Clemens, Sosa, Palmeiro, Bonds and McGwire. Just ask Chris (Crush) Davis, Matt Kemp, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Brewers organization and any fan of the game of baseball - most importantly the youngsters.

What will the next generation of baseball athletes be like? Are they the ones who'll finally learn from the mistakes of those who came before them? - Apparently, Ryan Braun, Nelson Cruz and others certainly didn't.

Or will the youth of today become the players of tomorrow who are also willing to risk their integrity, their reputations and the game they grew up loving for big contracts, record-breaking performances and the suspicions that goes along with them?

One can only hope that the next generation does what Ryan Braun and countless others forgot to do - use their brains.