08/28/2012 08:48 am ET Updated Oct 27, 2012

'Who I Really Am Is Safe, No Matter What The Circumstances'

What if you really believed that no matter what happened to you, who you really are could not be harmed? This is a powerful, life-changing belief that I've helped numerous clients come to over the past decade in my practice as a hypnotherapist. When we truly believe that we are not our bodies, that we are not our personalities, that there is a part of us that is greater than all of this, then we begin to know that who we really are is safe at all times -- and fear has no grip on our lives.

Just a few weeks ago I paired up with a medical intuitive to offer a teleseminar we called "Revealing and Healing." He was to reveal participants' physical issues using his gift of being able to scan the human body with what he describes as "X-ray-like vision." I was to then heal the emotional issues behind the imbalances. With the first woman who spoke up on the call, the medical intuitive spotted some interesting imbalances, including a lack of oxygen in her system from not taking full breaths. I immediately felt into this breathing pattern and could feel her fear. After all, what do we do with our breathing when we become scared? We stop. This is an instinctual response so the giant animal that was chasing us doesn't hear our breath and attack us. But most of us are no longer being chased by real animals and don't have to hold our breath to keep from being detected. In fact, if you simply remember to breathe a bit when you're afraid, your anxiety level will quickly drop and you might feel a whole lot better.

I asked this caller to rate her belief in a key statement on a scale of zero to 10 (with zero being no belief at all, and 10 being the most one could believe in anything). The statement was, "Who I really am is safe no matter what the circumstances." She rated her belief in that statement as a five. I then asked her to close her eyes, and I guided her through my core-belief transformation process. I had her stimulate her right and left brain by tapping her hands, alternating right hand to right leg and left hand to left leg. Then I simply invited her to ask herself, in a very deep way, "What stops me from really believing I'm safe?"

In an instant, she popped back to being 7 years old and falling out of a tree, breaking her arm. She remembered what it felt like. She remembered the thoughts that had raced through her mind. Then I asked her to take a good look at that 7-year-old girl. She saw the fear in the girl's eyes and that sense that she had somehow done something wrong and that her body had betrayed her. I told her to imagine that she was actually back in time with this child with the broken arm, and she picked up the little girl in a reassuring embrace to make sure she felt safe. She told her that things like this happen to everyone and that she was going to be just fine. She reminded the little one that it was not her fault.

Everyone on the call could feel the energy shift as the caller spoke in a very loving way to this little girl with the broken arm -- her past self. There was a silence on the phone and then the sound of muffled tears. When I asked the caller to rate the belief statement again, she now gave it a 10. In just a few minutes, she had undergone a life-changing shift. A few days after the call, she didn't even remember encountering the girl falling out of the tree and swore that we had talked about the fear she had of leaving her job and following her dreams. She had already shifted to taking on new fears and letting them go. She was really understanding in a deep way that nothing can touch the true essence of who she really is.

When we get that deep down inside we are always safe there is never any reason or purpose for our fear.

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