09/09/2014 01:33 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Coming Out: Going Beyond the Impossible


I once thought coming out to live my life as a gay man was impossible given the fact that I was a married to a woman and had two kids. I was wrong.

Then I thought, running my own business lay well beyond somewhere over the rainbow. I was wrong.

Like many of you, I thought that finding true love and intimacy was completely out of reach. Once again I was wrong.

I was as wrong on all fronts about all of those things. As wrong as it once was believed that the world was flat.

Thank goodness that instead of listening to my doubting inner cynic I began to stack things in my favor by believing, being optimistic and trusting that my path was my true path and I would thrive.

Recently I was reminded of my journey where impossible meets possible when I was an audience member on the set of CreativeLive with my friend Mike Michalowicz. He'd invited me to be part of the live shoot for his workshop Maximize Your Money For Maximum Profit -- a workshop I highly recommend for any entrepreneur, business owner or wannabe business owner -- gay or straight.

One of my fellow audience members was a straight, 24-year-old. A former San Francisco resident -- currently living in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. What I soon learned was an inspiring young man was standing before me who'd taken a road that is familiar to many of us -- graduated high school and pursued higher education only to become lost and dissatisfied.

After attending one of the most prestigious Culinary Schools in San Francisco a few years ago, he graduated and worked in high-end kitchens of the city only to suddenly find himself feeling devoid of his true self and yearning for something greater. Sound familiar?

During our breaks over the two-day shoot, I found myself energetically drawn more and more to Travis and his story. It didn't hurt that by the end of the first segment I'd become intrigued by his pursuit of greatness -- stone balance and photography. It made me reminisce of my high school days working as a mason's assistant laying brick and stone. Those days of hard work were not great memories for me. Yet, I was still intrigued by what Travis, whom now I call TRUSKUS, had opened my eyes to.

As we discussed exactly how he came upon this art form, he shared how it all came down to one single, defining moment. This young man found himself by the side of a creek. Struggling to find his own unique path, lost in his own thoughts of "What's next?" he picked up a stone out of the constant flow of water, held it in his hand and suddenly felt a wave of connection to a ROCK! Yes, I said a ROCK!
He connected with the weight, the smoothness, the pure essence of the rock and became one with it. He held it in his hands and tried to realize exactly how many millions of years old this stone was, and realized how swift our lives pass in the scheme of the universe. The power of the moment became increasingly more aware to him.

Something drove him to balance this ancient stone in the most difficult way possible. It took 45 minutes of dedication and belief in himself to try to balance this stone in the most difficult way possible. To some this would be a virtual impossibility without glue, hidden wires or some form of trickery. As he continued to fight off his limiting beliefs, in the stillness of the wilderness, surrounded by the rushing waters of the creek, the stone locked into place. He had met his purpose head on.

It was at this moment that he realized that he controlled exactly who he wanted to be in any given moment. I agree with him completely and have found myself that this principle is something that is not defined by race, religion, gender or sexuality. We all possess the key to unlock our greatest doors, and control exactly who we want to be in any given moment.

I believe that each of us has a calling. As Travis, a.k.a. TRUSKUS, opened up and shared with me his journey towards finding his soul and his calling, I felt the celebratory waves wash over me as yet another one of my fellow sojourners traveling through this human experience had landed in his most authentic space, on the other side of his own version of the closet door. And remember, he's a heterosexual male!

Yet in the darkest moments of his journey, TRUSKUS had found himself by listening to the rhythms of his heart as it matched the rhythms of the earth. Funny how that works. It's the exact same path we take to step into the art of being ourselves, stacking our own beliefs one atop another, to be exactly who we're meant to be in our sexuality.

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