07/03/2013 08:28 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Modern Day Jesus: Would They Crucify Him Again?


When I stop and think about our world, its outrageous religious leaders, and the growing ignorance in our communities, I must stop and wonder: would they arrest Jesus? Would they try him and bring him to our modern day Pilate and sentence him to a modern day crucifixion? Why not? They verbally assault, condemn, and murder the spirits, souls, and feelings of everyone and anyone that doesn't believe in their official biblical journey. Would the religious community, as it currently sits, with its deep, heated hatred of gays, atheists, and the impoverished. Let us not forget, our sweet, dear Muslim and Arab brothers and sisters that are constantly labeled terrorists by these so called "Christian communities," with their cute Facebook images and cutesy posts. Would they drag Jesus back to a hill and repeat the gut wrenching murder? Most of these so -alled "Christians" couldn't even hold the spit in their mouths in between their gasps of condemnation and their spewing of hate-filled scriptures, found in the the very core of their brain. Brain, not soul or heart; It's a thought, not a truth. It's a childlike teaching they are spreading, not a religion. They are wrong and they are the poison to God's creation and his ultimate plan. How could this happen again?


Many of the things that Jesus did infuriated the religious community: his claims of great deeds, his threat to religion, and his association with drunks, thieves, gays and labeled misfits. Jesus despised religious tradition and its leaders, his authority was mightier than their own. He pointed out their hypocrisy and ignorance to compassion, love, and truth. To me, religion is full of pride, arrogance, and ignorance. Jesus knew of these manmade rules and hated their false representations of God.

If religion is the way, why does it divide the weakest from assistance? Why does religion cause war and grief? Why is religion a big business that employees many, but fails to feed the poor? Religion is comprised of laws and rules, not creation and gospel. How could someone create us, mold us, love us, and guide us, only to leave a manual that says you are different because of the color of your skin or because of your sexual preference? God never said these things, religion did. Why does the religious community teach hate and prejudice to the homosexual and Muslim communities? I love the Jesus that hates religion. I love the Christian that loves Jesus and lives by his teachings. Religion has become manmade and has shoved God's purpose into the dark.

No one should have to hide because they are gay, Muslim, poor, broken or because they don't fit into what is considered the modern day religious standard. Churches are not for religious people, they are for broken people. For most of the world reads Christians, not bibles. I love what one man said, "Religion is man searching for God, Christianity is God searching for man."

The church is a place that man should go to rest, to find hope, and to seek restoration. The church is not where a man goes to be told he is unfit to own his salvation. Jesus died for that man on the same hill. Jesus allowed the flesh to be stripped off his precious body. As pieces of the messiah fell to the ground, he cried out for the gay man, dancing in the middle of the street with the love of his life. Jesus cried out to absolve the bigot's hatred and their derogatory comments. Jesus cries for the gay teen, standing on a box in the back yard of his parents' house, about to hang himself from a tree. Jesus dropped his head and bit his lip in excruciating pain, then said, "It is finished." These words echoed from the hillside to the Manhattan bridge, as a Muslim family drives past the Statue of Liberty, in a country that's supposed to embrace their freedom, rights, and color. Jesus allowed his blood to cover the ground for the hungry kids, that churches failed to feed -- while they increased salaries and constructed bigger buildings. Remember, Jesus gave up his life, was carried across a dirt field, and tossed into a stone wall.

It is wrong, it is sinful, and it is foolish to allow religion to become the dictator and structure your moral compass. If Jesus were here in modern America, trust me, the religious people would not be getting a friend request, a like or a follow. Wake up, church, sleep no more; Jesus did all of this so that religion could die.