10/28/2010 04:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Election Day? He's Fully Versifed (Or "How High the Loon?")

How big a mess
Does it take to say "Yes!"
To an Angle, a Miller, a Paul?

How much frustration
Across the whole nation
To think of such people at all?

To say that they're lacking is more than polite,
To give them your backing is more than far-right,

But how big a mess,
And how great the duress,
To vote Angle, or Miller, or Paul?

How high the fear
Of next month and next year
To want Johnson, O'Donnell and Buck?

How deep the panic --
At least oceanic! --
To think that they'll get things unstuck?

Their answers are simple, but governing's hard,
And facts deserve more than their blithe disregard,

But how high the fear
For the things we hold dear
To trust Johnson, O'Donnell and Buck?

How strong the snit
To think "These folks are it!"
And to turn the reins over to them?

How fierce the worry
To be in such hurry
To pick 'em off, Dem after Dem?

The wave heading shoreward is easy to see,
And this time the winner is spelled "G-O-P" --

But how long the snit,
And how messy the fit,
Before people start coming for them?

# # #

Rick Horowitz is a syndicated columnist. You can write to him at