08/10/2006 03:13 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Mel Gibson Loves Tom. Who's Tom?

Mel Gibson apparently may not like Jews, but newly released documents show he's CRAZY about Tom McClintock. Who is Tom McClintock? Californians need to learn quickly. We fixate on national candidates, but we can quickly have national contenders who spring up locally. By then, it's too late.

Remember the recall election three short years ago? McClintock was the far-right Republican who posed the greatest conservative threat to Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now, Tom McClintock is running for California Lieutenant Governor. And guess who's one of his biggest supporters? Mel Gibson.

Not only is Gibson a supporter, but Mel sent out a fundraising letter four times on McClintock's behalf praising McClintock:

"[Tom McClintock] stood solidly for principles that might not be politically correct - but were right and true," Gibson wrote.

This Tuesday, McClintock said he would not use that letter any more, but if he means what he says, he should donate the money Mel Gibson raised for him to the Museum of Tolerance in Los Angeles.

If McClintock, who opposes stem cell research and many other things Caliornians belive in as second nature, is sincere about repudiating Mel's remarks, McClintock should not only give the money back, but he should donate it to the Museum of Tolerance, a California instituion of considerable renown.

But there's more. Are the McClintock "principles that are not politically correct" the same principles shared by McClintock's Deputy Campaign Manager from the recall election, John Stoos? Stoos wrote in a conservative religious journal about his desire to see a Christian majority elected to a city council somewhere in America and then ban abortions within the city limits.

He also wrote about fighting a "homosexual agenda" and restoring "the proper biblical understanding of government to our modern system," The Los Angeles Times reported at the time.

These don't sound like California values to me. There's no place for intolerance in Sacramento. Californians deserve better. Is this the real face of the California Republican Party? Is Mel Gibson's candidate, Tom McClintock, acceptable to us a contender for Governor (which is where he could end up if he wins this fall)? And what does our Governor think about his fellow Republican?

The California Courage Campaign has organized a petition drive to demand that McClintock gives the money raised from Mel Gibson's solicitions to the Museum of Tolerance. In fact, it'd be nice if after Mel Gibson reemerges and Tom McClintock finds his conscience to see them both visit the Museum to see how harsh words lead to human diasater.

We forget sometimes how rabid the right is in this state. Let's put a stop to that now.