07/24/2012 07:30 am ET Updated Sep 23, 2012

Penn State: Why Morality Matters

One incredibly immoral man has brought down an entire university. It is hard to believe but it is absolutely true. Jerry Sandusky's sexual abuse of young boys has resulted in an unprecedented penalty by the NCAA for Penn State. There will be more ramifications to follow but what has already happened is so damaging that whatever else takes place will simply pile on to this tragedy.

My two sons played college football. I understand the collegiate game pretty well. There are many ways to view what has happened, many perspectives one can have on the situation. I realize other people have culpability, that there is much blame to go around. But it all starts with Jerry Sandusky.

As a spiritual leader it behooves me to speak out because morality matters. The impact of immoral behavior is huge. This sad situation is an illustration of why living according to a set of values is crucial to our culture. For me the teachings of Jesus Christ form that moral foundation. The principles of the Bible give me a clear understanding of how to live my life.

So many people have been hurt, most certainly beginning with the victims. Now football players, coaches, students, alumni and many others feel the pain of sanctions, discipline and embarrassment. The actions of one man have resulted in thousands of lives being negatively impacted and an entire university being shamed.

The lesson is clear: Live a moral life. Instead of focusing on Sandusky, Penn State officials, the NCAA or anyone else: focus on yourself. Understand that the impact of your actions and decisions affect other people. It is much easier to spot the shortcomings of others than to see our own. This tragedy can have a positive result if it causes each of us to look at our behaviors. The temptation is to examine everyone else and place blame. Just because you may never do something as heinous as Sandusky does not mean you are free from sin. Checking ourselves and making the proper corrections in own lives can keep us from experiencing a personal tragedy. Depending on your level of influence your moral changes could in fact spare many similar heartache.

I always try to find the optimistic perspective in life. If through this mournful drama we might improve our morality then something very beneficial will have taken place. Temptations are varied and each of us has our own weaknesses. You know your own as I know mine. The next time you feel tempted to give into an immoral behavior, remember Penn State.