02/17/2014 02:13 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2014

A New Website in 39 Seconds

Thanks for all your kind and supportive comments about our new website. I'm glad it seems to be a hit. For my staff and me, it is one more powerful way in which we can share our travel content and experience to help our traveling customers enjoy the very best trips possible. This fun little video clip hints at the massive amount of work that went on over the last year as our heroic Web team reassessed, redesigned, and then migrated thousands of files from our old website (RIP) to our new one. Long live the new And three cheers for our Web team: Kate, Andrew, Gretchen, Lisa, and Rich (among many others in supporting roles). Now, we all hope you can be comfortable letting your travel dreams blossom in this webby garden of travel savvy. Happy travels!