04/08/2013 10:32 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Tie? Let's Give Away Two Trips to Europe!

Last week I gave away two European tours when I only had to give away one. I couldn't help myself. These travelers really earned it.

Every spring, I offer a free tour to the winner of our annual Tour Alum Scrapbook Contest. Anyone who travels on one of our 40 European tour itineraries has a chance of winning if they take the time to express what their trip was like in an original online scrapbook. The creativity and enthusiasm of this year's first and second place entries (as determined by a fine group of judges in my office) was so engaging that I had to override their ranking and declare both entries grand prize winners.

That's what cost me the extra tour, and it's worth every penny.

To page through the top four finishers (and get an irresistible taste of our Spain, Turkey, Best of Europe and My Way Europe tours), visit my scrapbook winners page.

Does this inspire you to scrapbook your own trips?


Tour Scrapbooks can tell more about an experience -- honestly -- than mere marketing. (photo by Terry Deem)