04/11/2014 04:38 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2014

Dreaming of My 2014 Travels: Best of Europe Tour

I've been giddier than usual this week as I'm finalizing my travel plans for 2014. I've got an amazing itinerary promising four months of fun and learning, and there'll be lots of great new information to share. I'll be vigorously posting almost daily from some of my favorite corners of Europe. And for the next week or so until I fly away, we're running video clips to get us all in the mood.

In May I'll give myself a little vacation (as much as I can actually be on vacation in Europe with so much work that can never be finished...poor me). After 25 years of guiding our bus tours, I decided to retire from that 10 years ago and simply enjoy the amazing teaching and experiences our bus tour guides dish up--so I go as a participant. Each year I sign up for a Rick Steves tour--incognito. It's fun. I use a pseudonym...and get letters from myself. This year, I'm booked on our Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour--the same route I drove in my minibus back in the 1970s and 1980s. Simply put, this tour collects Europe's greatest hits into an amazing three-week route.