07/01/2013 07:20 pm ET Updated Aug 31, 2013

Join Me Via this Blog for My Summer European Trip

After a short but delightful break back in Seattle, I'm returning to Europe today. It's my first time on Icelandair, connecting through Reykjavík. I find sharing my experiences and lessons learned on this blog -- and reading your comments -- curiously enjoyable. I'm sure I'll be blogging furiously over the next sixty days of travel.

Here's the plan: I'm flying to London today, sleeping in York, then hopping aboard one of those Rick Steves Best of Scotland bus tours (under a pseudonym, so the group doesn't know I'll be joining them). Then I'll spend a week in Berlin and Prague before meeting my co-author, Steve Smith, in Alsace to work on our France guidebook. Steve and I then join producer Simon Griffith and the crew to film two new TV shows around the Loire (shows we're nicknaming "Great 17th-Century Cribs") before I meet up with Trish Feaster to be the first to use our brand-new Rick Steves' Northern European Cruise Ports book (which will be overnighted to me, hot off the press). We'll jump ship near the end of the cruise in St. Petersburg for a Russian adventure before flying home (with a two-day layover in Iceland).

These itineraries are a tricky balance of guidebook and bus tour research; scouting for upcoming TV scripts I plan to write and produce; actual TV production; and just flat-out enjoying the fun places my travel dreams are taking me. For this trip, along with producing two new TV shows in France, I'll be working hard on our next new guidebook -- Rick Steves' Scotland. And I'll be scouting upcoming TV shows in Scotland, Berlin, Prague, Alsace, and St. Petersburg. (This work is never-ending. You're welcome to send me comments of sympathy.)

I hope you and your globetrotting friends can travel along with me this summer. Please share this link without anyone you think might enjoy it. You'll next hear from me in Old York.