04/25/2014 05:59 pm ET Updated Jun 25, 2014

My Kind of Gut Bomb

Every country has its hot dog-like gut bomb. And if you're going to sample one of these local grease treats -- and you should -- it's best to find a bar with character (and characters) that honors tradition and uses the freshest ingredients. Of course, that's easiest to accomplish with the help of a local guide... or a guidebook written by a guy who uses these guides for several months every year as he updates and broadens his information.

This little stop, in Porto, is Cervejaria Gazela, next to the national theater and midway between breakfast and lunch. Warming a stool, chatting about the struggle of traditions in a rapidly modernizing world, and watching the bartenders assemble and grill these wonderful snacks -- simple as they might be -- was a highlight of my Porto morning (and cost only about €3 with my beer).