Sciacchetrᅢᅠ -- The Liquid Gold of the Cinque Terre

10/24/2016 04:59 pm ET Updated Oct 25, 2017

This little clip captures one of the great joys of travel: discovering a new drink, perfectly local, with just the right accompaniment (a biscotto), and capping a fine Riviera day with lots of convivial dunking. I seem particularly happy at this moment. Some will say it's the alcohol. I'd say it's the joy of feeding my group a dinner they'll never forget (each table enjoying a literal amphora filled with freshly harvested fruits of the sea), and all of them experiencing edible and drinkable Italy (after so much high culture) and good friendships on the road -- a great part of any Rick Steves tour. (OK, maybe the alcohol contributed a little, too.) La vita ᅢᄄ bella!

(Thanks for following along on my travel blog and on Facebook as I guided the Rick Steves Europe Tours Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour.)

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