06/30/2015 05:28 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Thought-Provoking Posts Fill Our Travelers Café

Wow, there's lots going on in our Travelers Café -- where I enjoy highlighting travelers I find particularly inspirational.

My traveling alter ego, Beacon Bell, just biked across the USA from the East Coast to Seattle on nearly zero money and reports on his adventures. His latest post: Having a "zero day" doing absolutely nothing in Bozeman, Montana, and actually considering it a trip highlight (so different from me... yet so intriguing).

Cameron Hewitt reports from Sarlat, in France's Dordogne Valley: It's market day and the world is a wonderland of tapenade, fruitcake, and wheels of cheese the size of tire trucks.

Nicolina has finished her Hearts of India art tour: Read about her finale in Delhi, how she turned a five-hour layover at the Istanbul airport into a life-long memory, and her homecoming in NYC.

Jackie Steves and her brother Andy report from Bali: They're luxuriating in a posh "yoga" hotel and climbing a volcano for the sunrise. From here, my kids head for Vietnam.

Enjoy these as a traveler's amuse-bouche in my Travelers Café before I fly to Germany to begin part two of my 2015 travels. Coming up: 45 days of travel in Germany and England with daily posts from the road. Thanks for traveling with me!