11/08/2007 12:48 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Working Mom Moments

One of the most underrated things about becoming a parent is the instantaneous bond that you have with all other parents, all over the world. It doesn't matter what country you're from, what language you speak, or whether you reside in a red state or a blue one; if you're in a public place with a screaming child, you can pretty much count on getting a sympathetic, oh-honey-I've-been-there look from someone. And until you've been in a public place with a screaming child (especially one screaming "help me, help me" to passersby as her mother carries her out of the market over her shoulder all because she wanted a 50 dollar bouquet of roses that her mother was not about to buy), then you really can't fully appreciate the power of that parental bond.

For working mothers, there is a similar phenomenon -- a connection that we all have with other, revolving around what we call, simply, "Working Mom Moments." These moments, of course, are never good. Nobody bonds with another woman upon hearing how she got promoted at work while still managing to home school four kids and sew their Halloween costumes by hand in her spare time. But everybody loves a gal with a killer story about how she almost got fired upon discovering that her kid colored all over the presentation she's supposed to be giving. And who among us can resist a good, old-fashioned, my-breasts-leaked-during-a-client-meeting tale? Working mom moment stories are like car wrecks: the worse they are, you more you want to hear about them.

Unfortunately, my own working mom moments are not that exciting. Oh, I've had a few, of course. There was the time that I was meeting with an executive of a major company that was interested in selling my book in its stores, and when she asked for some information, the only thing I could find in my purse to write with was an old crayon from Islands . Or, back when I was a college counselor and in the throes of a terrible bout of morning sickness, I once violently retched -- and I'm talking loud, like a dying moose -- during the senior class officer election speeches in front of the entire school. But working mom moments require embarrassment, and embarrassment, by definition, requires other people to be present, preferably a boss, a client, or a co-worker. But seeing as how my job requires me to sit in a room by myself all day, and seeing as how I therefore have no boss, no clients, and no co-workers, my working mom moments are few and far between.

I have to say, though, I kind of feel like I'm missing out; like I'm not able to participate in a key bonding ritual with my tribe. But then I learned that Mommy Track'd is starting a new section of the website called "Worst Working Mom Moments," in which members of the Mommy Track'd community can post their own horror stories. I liken it to being able to sit around at a girl's night out dinner, trading stories, and secretly being relieved that yours isn't the worst -- except that you can do it while you're bored at work, and you don't have to skip bedtime with the kids in order to go out to dinner. I think it's a terrific idea, and I really do hope that this part of the site becomes a success. Because although I may not have my own stories to contribute, I'm very much looking forward to living vicariously through yours.

Emmy Award Winning former ABC morning news anchor, Lizzie Bermudez asks a bunch of San Francisco Bay Area working moms asks about their most embarrassing, worst working mom moments. Watch now.