12/06/2005 11:27 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Why Democrats Don't Win: Example #3976

This is why Democrats can't win elections, even as the GOP tries unsuccessfully to self-destruct. John Kerry issued a statement today calling for a new Secretary of Defense, as rumors swirled that the ever self-serving Joe Lieberman might be tapped for the job. Said the failed Presidential candidate (who, lest we forget, lost to the man whose poll numbers are now in the 30's):

“The President owes it to our troops serving in Iraq to remove Secretary Rumsfeld and replace him at the Pentagon with a Defense Secretary who understands the situation on the ground in Iraq and who will advance, not undermine, American values around the world."

That's thinkin', John. Pretend that the problem is the underling, not the boss - much less the Party and the campaign financing system that supported the boss. That way, simply switching underlings will be enough to help the boss - and his party - win again in 2006.

If Bush replaces Rumsfeld, you've provided him with great cover. If Lieberman takes the job, the two of you will have given GOP congressional candidates a little boost. We'll finally see some "Joe-mentum" -- for Republicans in '06.

That's why Kerry - and Lieberman, and their party - are such perennial losers. Great tactics, Dems, as always.


UPDATE: A number of commenters have written to say that Kerry is putting the interest of our troops above partisan politics. I suppose it's possible that this is part of Kerry's motivation, although positioning themselves as 'moderate' seems to be more important than anything else to the leading Democrats. The problem is this: The interests of our troops will never be served until there is a change in the electoral tide in 2006 and 2008, resulting in a government that will bring them home.

Kerry, Clinton, et al. are undermining that possibility, despite the fact that (according to polls) that's what a majority of Americans - and a majority of Iraqis - want. Until then, the government that sent our young soldiers into battle - without adequate justification, without adequate troop levels, without adequate planning, and without adequate armor - will stay in power. And our troops will stay in harm's way.

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