12/05/2014 05:52 pm ET Updated Feb 04, 2015

'A Klingon Christmas Carol' Is an Actual Play That You Can Go See This Holiday Season

We've seen A Christmas Carol a billion times by now. We've seen it done with Muppets, Smurfs, Looney Toons, the Flintstones and with Mickey. We've seen versions starring Tim Curry, Nic Cage, Jim Carrey and more. I'm not even exaggerating. By this point, a new adaptation of the Charles Dickens novel should be old news...except when it's A Klingon Christmas Carol, because that's probably the most ridiculous reinterpretation to date. And, as "the only full-length theatrical production ever done in the Klingon tongue...on this planet" it's a play not to be missed this holiday season!

The play was originally performed by Commedia Beauregard in Minneapolis in 2007, and it was an instant success. From there, it's been performed in Chicago at the Athanaeum Theater, Cincinnati, and as of this season, Washington D.C. Translating A Christmas Carol into Klingon was no easy task, and required the help of multiple Star Trek fan groups. Plus, in 2010 the script was further expanded by Chris Lipscombe of the Klingon Language Institue, so you know it's authentic-- or as authentic as a play written in a fictional language can be.

And if you're worried that you aren't fluent in the language, fear not! The whole thing is supertitled in English, so you'll be able to keep up with the action-packed plot. Dickens probably never imagined his characters undertaking Age of Ascension rituals while crippled and having tournament training instead of playing charades at holiday parties, but it's sort of proof that the Christmas favorite is so enduring that it literally now transcends both time and space.


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