08/21/2013 11:40 am ET Updated Oct 21, 2013

Capture Recap -- Angel With a Broken Wing

This episode starts out with Eric from the Blue Team annoying everyone to pieces. James talks about bullying and how during his high school career (an odd career choice, mind you) he was bullied a lot and wasn't going to stand for it. While other teams were simply annoyed by the Blue Team, we see that the Lime Team wants them out because Eric does not respect them.

Green and Gold chat about having an alliance, which is a pretty good decision. They have a common goal in getting the Blue Team out. Further proof that nothing bonds people together more than the hatred of another human being. It's how I get along with so many of my coworkers; I rag on the a-hole over in accounting. Green team is the hunt team. Gold is excited and we get a socially awkward dance from Nick, one of many to come.

The teams are released and we get to hear the Capture Tribal Wail ™ which will soon be released on iTunes, paired with the sound effect of a man who's gasping for breath as the hunt team is released. Kaliesha and Matt are fighting about the same stuff again, and the Teal Team are stuck in a painful briar patch. I must say that the bushes on Capture were a sin and my legs are still repenting.

Jade and Nikita use a looking glass. The hunt team is close by, sees someone activate it, and pursues them. It takes the Teal Team a few moments to realize that the hunt team is close. This is probably because teams are named in multiple shades of the same colors. Once they notice them we get the best line of the episode. "NIKITA, RUN!" Run, girl, run for your life! They make it out just as Green Team approaches the looking glass. This proves once again that Jade and Nikita are killing it in this game, even though they may not know it.

Luke announces the location of an Advantage Point and the Lime Team gets there first. James and Rebecca sabotage the Blue Team, which infects them with a blaring vest. The Blue Team then has access to the locations of all prey teams and may pass off this infection to anyone. Shane and Eric are figuring out what to do but the Green Team comes in quickly and captures them. Shane is on the ground and he's hurt. He immediately knows he tore his something-CL, which is pretty impressive since my own body can't tell a fart from a poop. He is taken away in an ambulance as Eric is taken away to jail. As teams file to see who's in the cell we see Eric change roles. The bully is now the victim. The Dictator is now Mary Magdalene. And the stones thrown at our Mary are terrible dance moves from the other teams.

As the Green Team invites the Gold Team up to stare at them as they eat, Kaliesha from the White Team says the smartest thing yet. She recognizes that there are two sides at camp and she is going to sit back and watch it all play out. Let Gold and Green battle Teal and Red. It's the first time I've heard a lick of strategy other than "Like, lets get out the Blue Team!" I was really impressed by this. Arlynn also has a great sound bite about how the Blue Team is taking the focus off of other teams, including the Pink Team. What happens when they are gone? Now people are thinking. Shane then rolls in on crutches as everyone is genuinely concerned about him. In an interview Shane says that he can definitely keep going if he is kept in the game, and then he holds up his crutches to the camera. Um, don't you need those to stand?

The second day's hunt begins and a supply station is immediately opened. The contestants are promised wings, beer and pizza. Because our dehydrated, starved bodies need nothing more than hot sauce and alcohol. The Red Team guarantees the viewers that you won't see them there. The Teal Team debates getting beer since Vodka is Nikita's alcohol of choice. Mine too, girl. If it was an Effen Cucumber Soda I would have been there in an instant. Antoine and Kareem are released and get stuck in some bushes. Antoine then mentions that he is Christian again and it has prepared him to get out of said bushes. Antoine is mentioning his Christianity almost as much as the Red Team says they are gay.

The Gold Team and Black Team make it to the supply station and devour the offerings. Nick says he is excited about the food and beer in an interview that was most likely filmed at 5:00 am the next day. The Black Team heads out of sight as the Green Team appears. Chris tips off the hunters as to where the Black Team ran off to. Nick proves he's single with some Russian kicks. Kareem and Antoine easily spot Sabrina and Noelle and tag them. Kareem then tries to describe his feelings in a very confusing way where he wants to take two holidays, put them in a birthday gift, then deliver that gift to the... Easter Bunny? Head scratches across the country on that one.

At the elimination ceremony Eric digs himself into a deeper hole by delivering off-color comments that totally miss the mark. He tries to use being gay as an insult to someone who isn't gay, paints an abusive relationship, and says that the Green Team needs to read a book. But none of this is as offensive as when he uses the term 'Plain-Out Lie' which isn't really a thing. Three teams vote against Blue. James uses the last talon to announce that he had used the sabotage and won't stand for bullies. Ok so now I'm torn. Is it Green Team talking about being Christian, Red Team talking about being gay, or Lime Team talking about being bullied that gets the most screen time. I'm still sticking with Red Team but it's up for debate. The Blue Team goes home warning everyone that someone new will pop up as the Villain and we need to watch our backs.