08/08/2013 05:16 pm ET

Capture Recap -- Hunger Strikes

We start off the second episode of Capture with players waking up from an awful night of sleep. Greeting them is a delicious breakfast of oatmeal and almonds, while Jade and Nikita have a Veruca Salt moment. "We want the same portions as the boys now, daddy!" At the starting gates Luke introduces an Advantage Point, where the first team to reach an oversized pin drop gets to sabotage another team. The sabotaged team will have their vests blare non-stop for the remainder of the first hunt day. There will also be a supply station with food and other items that teams can claim. "I hope there's cash!" I think to myself.

Luke announces the hunt team and it is... the Red Team! As the teams run from the meadow we don't hear any of that wailing tribal music so I sang at the TV in my best passionate tribal wail. A fun hunter moment was watching the teams run from the starting gates so you could gauge their speeds. Kirsten from the Pink Team ran like a bat out of hell. The purple team had a steady pace. Rebecca from the Lime Team was in a race with a four-inch garter snake and losing.

We finally get to meet the White Team where Kaliesha says she loves pain. She then puts on her best Elle Woods voice to imitate the other girls who don't love pain as much as she does. Red Team gets a nice chat with Luke as we wait to chase down our prey. I know Luke is saying something but I'm just staring at his chest through his strategically unbuttoned iconic blue shirt. Not a single hair. Once the hunters are released Luke reveals the location of the Advantage Point in the north. Purple makes it there first and teams up with the Gold Team brothers to pull a fast one on the Blue Team, who are close to the hunters. Shane and Eric's vests go off and they scramble, running away from myself and Jacob. The Blue Team makes it out alive and heads to the supply station.

Let's eat some food and claim some boxes! What will be inside? A trip to Puerta Vallarta? $5,000? The Pink Team shows up first and grabs... fishing string? Ok, well maybe they didn't see all the boxes. Blue Team grabs what they consider the best box... two oranges and two bananas. Wait, what? Contestants are risking their game for a few pieces of fruit? Maybe we will see some cash in a later episode when the stakes are higher. Alone by the sandwiches (which could be the title of my autobiography, by the way) Eric from the Blue Team devises a plan to throw them to the ground. Purple Team arrives shortly after as Erica puts two and two together and is royally pissed.

The Red Team has less than an hour to go and still hasn't found a team. But what's this? We hear the Grey Team and get our talons ready to make a run for it. Jacob slaps the talon on Tremana's back and they both fall. And this, ladies and gentleman, begins a very awkward moment. Jerick is not happy. He won't look us in the eyes, which is no different than how he with us at the village, but this time he's angry. We also have to walk them back to the village with our hands on their shoulders. Yikes!

After the Blue Team gives us a cringe-worthy moment of weird celebration, they walk back to the village to be greeted with angry contestants. Kaliesha is most upset. She likes pain and sandwiches, and even though she wasn't even close to the supply station, she was there in spirit and is defending the rights of those unborn subs. Something we didn't learn in the first episode is that the Hunt Team eats a better meal and invites a team up to hang out. This begins the moment where you see Jacob and myself fall in love with the Teal Team. Jade and Nikita are the sweetest, most genuine girls. Also, England.

The next day's hunt begins and soon Red Team sees the Pink Team come up on their radar. We decide to trap them. Jacob took the lead as we leaped over fallen tree branches and tagged Arlynn. Back in jail, Kirsten from the Pink Team says if she were to be captured by any team she's glad it was the Red Team. At the elimination ceremony Jerrick from the Grey Team says if he was to be captured by any team, he didn't expect it to be the Red Team. Now, wait a minute...

Different teams came out here to do different things aside from winning $250,000. Some people wanted to push themselves, others to test their survival skills, others wanted TV fame. Jacob and I participated in Capture to represent another part of the LGBT community. Gay men and women come in many forms and we were tired of the stereotypical gay character on reality TV and wanted to challenge it. This was our purpose. This is something we stood for.

Jarrick was upset to be captured, which is understandable because I am also a competitive person. But Jerrick never spoke to as at the camp for those first three days, never even looked us in the eyes. It was a weird feeling to have a person not like you without even getting to know who you are. We could tell it wasn't that he was caught, but who he was caught by. So at the elimination ceremony when he outright states that out of all the teams, he couldn't believe the Red Team caught him, it became personal. How are we supposed to take that? We're the biggest guys there! If anything, you should expect the Red Team to catch you. Every time. Jacob said it best, that whatever the intentions were in his comments, we have been underestimated too many times in our lives to not speak up.

Red, Lime, Purple, Teal and Blue vote for the Grey Team to leave, which seals their fate. Praise Jesus, because I would have needed a major dose of every kind of drug to have to deal with the awkwardness of living with those two after that ceremony.