08/15/2013 04:30 pm ET Updated Oct 15, 2013

Capture Recap -- The Blue Devils

Each week I'm waiting for Capture to having actual opening credits. Where are those credits with everyone looking tough and our names across the screen? It doesn't happen, but we do get to see everyone wake up miserable. Erica is still upset about the sandwiches and it's starting to bug the Teal Team. You know it's a problem when Jade and Nikita, lovers of food and everything delicious, think you're complaining about the sandwiches too much.

At the starting gates we hear snippets that everyone can't stand that Blue Team, just as we find out that the Blue Team is hunting! I have to admit I was slightly excited about this because Jacob and I had zero impact on SandwichGate and weren't the biggest target for Shane and Eric. The prey teams are released and we get that passionate tribal song that I'm pretty sure is the same four notes on a loop.

The White Team starts to bicker. Matt calls Kaliesha 'woman' or something, and she's not happy. The Blue Team is released and heads in their direction. They overhear the argument and go in for the kill, but the White Team catches on and successfully evades them. Suddenly an Advantage Point opens up and the White Team gets to it first to Sabotage the Black Team. Sabrina and Noelle now have to wear twenty-pound weights the following day.

The Purple Team tells us that it's important to be at high ground as they sit atop a very exposed rock. The Blue Team spots them and a chase ensues. Ryan and Erica split and ultimately get tagged, and then Erica starts making that face that infants get when they fall down and you know a good cry is coming on. Erica snaps. Branches were snapped. Necks will be snapped. Its probably the greatest moment on Capture so far.

Back at the village, the Blue Team starts to eat their meal and places the platter cover on their heads. It's probably the dumbest moment on Capture so far. They invite the Black Team up to cuddle. Sabrina and Noelle leave the den fully clothed the next morning so you know things really got frisky. The next day's hunt begins and we check in with the Red Team. We're talking about sports and get a good sound bite about being gay. Did you guys know we're gay yet? They want you to know we're gay!

James and Rebecca go to the Looking Glass, a fancy technology that tells a team where all of the other teams are. It's like FourSquare if phones were vests and businesses were wilderness wrist portals. Actually, its nothing like that. As they check in they notice that the Black and Blue teams are together, an interesting bit of information that they tell the White Team. The White Team calls Sabrina and Noelle 'shady' for doing this. Foreshadowing!

The supply station opens and we see the Red Team consider going just as the Blue Team camps out. Don't do it, its a trap! We go anyway. There could be $5,000 in there! Or a trip to Puerta Vallarta! Give me something good! These were the following items in the boxes: travel sized Nutella, something that looked like a lantern, licorice, and two ham sandwiches. Wait, what? Where is my trip to a Mexican beach? "Maybe next time," I think to myself. We'll take the sandwiches.

Oh, and there's cake. Lots of cake. Jacob loves birthday cake and Rihanna so he's digging in as I am getting nervous. "Are you doing this for cake?" I ask. "Yes, I'm doing this for cake!" he says. Looking back, we should have eaten more cake. I'm a nervous wreck so we eventually leave, only to be caught by the Blue Team.

Back the village, Kaliesha yells "shady!" to Noelle and Sabrina. Kaliesha and Matt were under the impression that the Black and Blue teams were working together during the hunt. I'm a little confused for two reasons. 1) Why would the hunt team choose to work together with two players with 20-pound bags on them? Wouldn't that slow them down? 2) Even if they did work together, would that be shocking? They slept in the hunter's den together. If any teams are obviously friends its the Blue and Black teams. I would also like to point out that witnessing that behind bars in the middle of the woods was one of the strangest moments of my life.

At the elimination ceremony its pretty lighthearted and everyone has a laugh about cake. As the voting begins we're very nervous. We trusted the Teal and Lime teams the most since we got along with them pretty well at that point. We knew the Black and Blue teams had an enemy in the Purple Team so that might sway them. It's all really a guessing game until the talons are placed. Luckily we are spared thanks to the Teal, Gold, Black, Blue, and Lime teams. I've gotten a few questions about a tie, and Capture rules state that ties are broken by the Hunt Team.

Overall, this was the best episode to date with awesome one-liners and some good fights. And thankfully, the Red Team got to have their cake and eat it too.