07/03/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Episode 2 Recap: The Heidi and Spencer Show

After one episode, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! is already making headlines. Apparently Heidi and Spencer quit the show after the live segment of last night's premiere. But how will this affect the pre-taped footage and how it's presented? Unless NBC is totally clueless, we're about to find out. With any luck, we'll get to see Heidi and Spencer a bit more in old footage before they leave us forever (or at least until their next television debacle).

Act One:
We begin with the end of last night's Trauma Tank (an appropriate metaphor for the entire show, I think). What's weird about this challenge is that Heidi AND Spencer are sitting out but there's only one empty plank. What would they have done if they had decided to participate? Kind of leads me to believe that Heidi and Spencer's departure was known to the producers before last night's episode aired, and they were just waiting to leave (probably at the producers' request) until after the premiere.

Also, I thought waterboarding was considered torture now? Maybe it's legal in Costa Rica, 'cause it looks like that's exactly what they're doing. But it's nothing compared to Heidi's idea "torture," outlined last night, which includes taking away toiletries and changes of clothing. A tarantula on the face is nothing compared to sleeping in a hammock instead of a bed.

Act Two:
Angela's meltdowns are hilarious. Is this part of her comedy act? If so, more comics should play the "jungle scared" card. It's terrifyingly funny.

Through this act, Heidi and Spencer are still around. I guess they didn't have time to re-cut all the footage, but they haven't even mentioned it, not even in the live segments. A bit odd. I guess it's better than cutting them out, since they are the most dramatic part of the show. And the entire food challenge revolves around the two of them. Too bad neither one of them likes fish. That's karma.

Act Three:
Wouldn't a room with rats, bats, snakes, insects, and eel slime be scarier if you could see what was going on? A pitch black room is a pitch black room. It might've made the challenge harder, but I wanted to see Heidi squirm a bit more.

Act Four:
I'm not sure I needed to see Spencer's fake baptism, performed by Stephen Baldwin. That was a throwaway act.

Act Five:
When Spencer was announcing that they were leaving, he said he could not do what Torrie just did. But what did Torrie just do? I think the timeline of this footage is shaky. Did they re-edit the episodes last night, after Heidi and Spencer decided to leave? If all this footage was taped a while ago and pre-edited, then it seems pretty clear that Heidi and Spencer quit the show a while ago but NBC embargoed that information and forced them to go back for the live taping of the first episode (the trauma tank). Is that possible? It's all very confusing... and probably a huge waste of time to think about. But it really is detracting from the true dramatic situations on the show.

Act Six:
YES! The guys saved Patti Blagojevich! I don't know why they did it, but that's exactly what I was hoping for.

The live segment got a bit awkward. I guess that's part of its appeal. We were watching them for a good thirty seconds while they didn't realize the cameras were still on. Even though most of the conversation was about whether or not they were still live, it was a pretty fascinating look at the kind of footage that normally gets cut out of these reality shows. Poor editors.

NOTE: No real answers about Heidi and Spencer. My guess is they quit a while ago, but I'm not sure when this was taped. Anyone out there have any idea? Whatever the answer, I'm sad. Of the nine celebrities left, I don't know who to hate. I actually kind of like most of them. It was a lot easier with Heidi and Spencer around. Oh well.