07/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Facebook Personalized URLs -- Free But Going Fast

At Midnight, Friday night, started offering what twitter and myspace have long offered -- personalized URLs for users. Within hours over a million were taken and by the end of the weekend, over 5 million had been grabbed.

I found out today, Monday morning, so my first choice robkall, like I have for Twitter, was already taken by a fellow in Ohio.

The facebook personalized URL selection user interface offered me some options and I tried out robertkall, which was available, and I'm guessing that rob-kall, which is what I used for myspace, was also available. But I went for shorter -- rkall. Really short, rk, was not permitted because the personalized url must include a minimum of five characters -- letters or numbers and probably both.

As long as you were a registered facebook user before facebook announced the program on June 9th, you can claim your personal URL. Once you claim a URL you can't change it.

Click here to claim your personalized facebook URL.

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