11/08/2013 03:40 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

An Asylum of Skeptics Get Cured

Paranormal investigators dream of the opportunity of investigating a large massive structure with a historic background that even the most tough minded investigators have trouble processing. Recently I was able to lead an investigation at the Rolling Hills Asylum, in East Bethany, NY. A Paranormal investigator's dream come true! This investigation was overly special since it was the first time I was able to paranormal investigate with my 16-year-old stepson. Like many 16-year-old boys, he found the paranormal "a little weird and dorky." He was a true skeptic in regard to all things paranormal and let me tell you, this trip changed his mine forever!

The Rolling Hills Asylum has seen its share of purposes over its 180+ years of existence. It has been both a poor house and a lunatic asylum, sometimes housing both types of "inmates" in the same room!

Per, the following were eligible for assistance:

"Habitual drunkards, lunatics (one who by disease, grief or accident lost the use of reason or from old age, sickness or weakness was so weak of mind as to be incapable of governing or managing their affairs), paupers (a person with no means of income), state paupers (one who is blind, lame, old or disabled with no income source) or a vagrant."

On the tour of the locations I was presented with numerous troubling stories. One particular fact simply blew my mind. Back in the heyday of the facility, women were unable to own land after their husband's death. If there were no family who would take them in to their homes, they would be sent to live at the poor house, many times being forced to share a room with a criminal or insane. You can only imagine the possible scenario that played out from that situation! There was also the story of the 7-foot giant Roy who as a boy was abandoned by his parents at the asylum, never to be picked up. Roy lived the duration of his life at the facility and it has been documented that he has yet to leave! It was the direct contact with Roy, that has changed my stepson's skeptic view of the paranormal forever!

I myself am a skeptic at heart. My travels in the paranormal (as owner of have slowly brought me to view the topic in a different manner, yet I still hold many skeptical tendencies when it comes to evidence and forms of investigating. That night we spent a total of 9 hours at the location. We experienced undeniable paranormal activity from the onset of our investigations. Moving objects, strange flashing lights, direct voice recorder contact, direct physical contact, but there was one evidence that left me scratching my head. At the tailend of the night we conducted a "Ghost Box" session in Roy's room with the owner of the location, Sharon Coyle. The Ghost Box scans radio frequencies and is a possible way for spirits to interact with the living. I have witnessed and conducted many of these sessions in the past and as a skeptic it has never overly impressed me. During the session we were getting a contestant voice saying the word "Sister" repeatedly. At the time we shrugged off this voice and moved on to our final hours of investigation before we called it a night.

On the way back to our hotel, my stepson was checking his smartphone for all of his missed teenage text messages, when he freaks out and tells me to check my phone. At the time of our Ghost Box session, both my stepson and myself were getting numerous text messages that my SISTER was in labor and having a baby. Could it be a coincidence? Possibly! Or was this Roy interacting with us? This strange peace of evidence mixed with other experiences; my stepson is now a devoted investigator. If you are a skeptic, I urge you to check out a building like Rolling Hills Asylum or one in your general area. You won't be sorry! You will either be able to back up your skepticism or have your mind changed forever. It's not as "weird or dorky" as you may think!