05/08/2014 12:28 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2014

Manziel's Magnificent Moxie

"You've got to have an imagination to coach Johnny Football," said ESPN's John Gruden on early morning television Thursday.

Most of us have vivid imaginations that help fuel our hopes and dreams, yet we are too often told by friends, relatives, teachers and yes, even strangers, what we can't achieve.

Johnny Manziel gives me hope. He makes me want to run -- at 58 years old -- another 10K race, or to travel out west this summer and paddle through white water. I know other people feel the same way because I've discussed it at length with friends, as well as fans I've met in the gym, on the bus and at sporting events. He is our David, who battles and defeats the many Goliaths of the sporting world.

There have been endless discussions about whether Manziel can make it in the NFL and I have devoured all of the data from both sides. Despite the impressive arguments posed by Manziel's naysayers, they always ignore the intangibles, like heart -- or what my mother used to call, moxie. Moxie is defined as force of character, determination or nerve, and Manziel has plenty of all three.

So many of us want Manziel to succeed, because then we will too.

Please, Johnny -- be good.