10/30/2014 11:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Bland Old Party


The GOP (Grand Old Party) is no longer grand but it's most certainly old. During an age of social and technological upheaval Republicans remain mired in an old world way of thinking that -- despite president Obama's many shortcomings -- will be their political downfall. The condemnation of Obama's policies (or lack thereof) are presented with no viable alternatives and this astounding lack of awareness and reactionary behavior is not helping to thwart, but rather pave the way for a Hillary Clinton presidency. Mrs. Clinton can sit back with the rest of us and watch the GOP continue to unravel as Republican politicians endlessly complain about government interference yet remain obsessed with adjudicating abortion and gay marriage.

American voters are desperate for real policy and substance yet the GOP merely presents the other side of the coin as an alternative to Elizabeth Warren and Obama and has offered nothing significant to voters other than the usual extremism. Republicans have vociferously criticized Obamacare yet have not offered any ideas or changes other than a repeal. If the Tea Party had a mission statement or real substance it could have had significant impact on the electorate but instead remains about as relevant today as Lawrence Welk on a college campus.

Republicans have blown endless opportunities to convert voters disappointed with Obama and have failed miserably. When presented with a chance to show alternatives to a president who blames every problem he encounters on George W. Bush, Republicans in turn blame everything on Obama, so the only thing bi-partisan about Congress is its dismal approval rating.

Rather than merely touting and championing the private sector and condemning big government, the GOP could propose eliminating arcane, antiquated and redundant government jobs and agencies that thwart progress. Instead they do nothing, and that is perhaps more repulsive to voters than a weak president.

Washington is broken. A seminal moment is at the ready for a politician or a party with the political savvy to actually do something. An alternative to Obama's divisiveness is desperately needed by voters yet I don't see Republican politicians presenting anything as they sorely lack a governing agenda.

Attention GOP. You have no identity, agenda and pose no alternatives to a public hungry for them. The party's over. Hillary Clinton is poised for the presidency.