02/11/2014 05:08 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2014

The New York Knicks: Lost at Sea

Imagine if the Knicks were a boat. They'd be an expensive mega-yacht no doubt, but certainly a vessel anything other than shipshape. James Dolan may be the boat's owner but it is Carmelo Anthony's charter and he is too intoxicated with his own greatness to find water in the middle of the ocean. A classic "me" player, Anthony may be a great scorer but he is definitely not a great player and unless he changes his game significantly, Carmelo Anthony will never win an NBA championship.

Whether or not Mike Woodson is fired is of no consequence, because Anthony will never make a smart pass, even when drawing double or triple coverage. J.R. Smith has spiraled from Sixth Man of the Year 2013 to a slack-jawed, droopy-eyed goofball who never met a shot he didn't like. The team is comprised of too many role players and lack a point guard capable of running a team. And it's doubtful that Carmelo Anthony would tolerate an All-Star caliber point guard anyway.

Ultimately, I blame James Dolan for this fiasco. His blind pursuit of Carmelo Anthony resulted in the Knicks losing an army of great players as well as GM Donnie Walsh. Dolan has given Knicks fans and the NBA a Ship of Fools that is an embarrassment to a storied franchise.

According to Wikipedia, the expression Ship of Fools is supposed to be an allegory that depicts a vessel populated by human inhabitants who are deranged, frivolous or oblivious passengers aboard a ship without a pilot, and seemingly ignorant of their own direction.

Just like the Knicks.